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Great bottle that mimics your breast

A Review On: The First Years Breastflow BPA Free Bottle, 5 Ounce

The First Years Breastflow BPA Free Bottle, 5 Ounce

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Pros: BPA free, nipple mimics your breast, easy to hold

Cons: takes a little extra work to clean

I wasn't sure where to put this product, but I think that it is an aide to breast pumping devices and uses the end product of pumps. I'm a breastfeeding momma and don't like to give my child bottles at all, but on the few occasions where it's been necessary this bottle has been fantastic! I love that it's BPA free and has a comfortable base. The nipple is latex-free as well and is designed to mimic the shape of your breast as well as how milk flows from your breast. Baby has to work to get milk, just like from a real breast. But, because of the way it is designed to mimic that natural flow, there are two nipples that need to be cleaned, so it adds a smidgeon of extra work. It is well worth it though!


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