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Inexpensive but functional

A Review On: The First Years - Nursing Privacy Wrap Black

The First Years - Nursing Privacy Wrap Black

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Pros: Cape-stye, so no gaps on sides, inexpensive

Cons: Cheap feeling, short

I ended up with two nursing covers by The First Years, and this was not my favorite.  It did the trick--covered me all around, with enough room at the top to peek in on baby, but not much more than that. I really liked that it is like a poncho rather than a blanket with a loop. I like my sides covered in some situations, and it mostly does that.  It is adjustable at the shoulder, so I would imagine some people might find that helpful.  I'm tall but average sized, so it wasn't. This cover is a little shorter than others, so it doesn't cover all of my waist on the sides if I pull my shirt up rather than opening it, but it is more covering than some of the other styles.  And of course the price is right!  The First Years makes another cover that is similar in style (poncho) but a little more covering and prettier.  But overall this is not a bad option.


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