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A very handy transition to "the big potty"

A Review On: The First Years Soft Trainer Seat

The First Years Soft Trainer Seat

Rated # 7 in Potty Learning
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Pros: soft, lightweight, comfy, sturdy

Cons: potentially harder to clean

This was a super easy transition to a big potty & made potty learning fun. Having a soft, cushy seat encouraged relaxation. It is very portable & slipped under the van seat for travel with room to spare for trips-- it even fit in the larger diaper bag. For a child who disliked "the baby potty" it was great. As time went on, the white plastic did very slightly shrink away from the blue, so if you don't stay on top of cleaning up any dribbles, it could be hard to clean later (ie if urine runs into the crevice between the plastics); however, this wasn't a problem for us.


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