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Good monitor, but not perfect

A Review On: The First Years True Choice P400 Premium Digital Monitor, 2 Parent Unit

The First Years True Choice P400 Premium Digital Monitor, 2 Parent Unit

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Pros: background noise cancellation, doesn't interfere with other tech

Cons: iffy quality, no good "off" setting

My husband bought this monitor because it had all the features we really wanted: dual parent units that can talk back to the main unit, doesn't interfere with other technology in the house, plug in and battery, etc. For the most part it works fine, but I do have several complaints about it. First, if the power goes out and the main unit is turned off, there's no way to know. Other systems have the parent units beep or something to let you know that the main unit is off. Second, the unit turns off when you plug it in, so you have to turn it back on again. No big deal, but it's annoying. The "night light" doesn't light up anything. And since the day we bought it, the battery light has flashed intermittently while plugged in. I've called customer service, we bought new batteries, we exchanged it for a different unit, and nobody can explain it. It's also really quiet sometimes, even when the volume is turned all the way up. Whether it's a bum unit or the "background noise cancellation" is too good, I'll never know!

Oh, I will say that we don't get any interferance with in-house tech or neighbor baby monitors, which is a problem we had with our old monitor, so that's a good feature. smile.gif


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