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A Review On: The Learning Company Reader Rabbit Let's Learn Kindergarten Reading

The Learning Company Reader Rabbit Let's Learn Kindergarten Reading

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Melanie Mayo
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I will admit that I am not a big fan of workbooks (although I have been found purchasing one now and then for my homeschooled daughter who sometimes enjoys the simple, straightforward activities and puzzles).  


But this is one workbook that we found ourselves enjoying, despite ourselves. It does its job well with fun images and lots of progressively harder activities to keep a child who likes that kind of thing busy. I really appreciated the fact that the characters are so innocent and child-like--opposed to some other company's options I have spied on bookstore shelves. It also seems to be designed for independent learning, which is good for those times when you can't site down with the little one or they need something to keep them busy in the car. 

Kindergarten reading level means simple one syllable words mostly (with a few pages in the back with more complicated words), so if your child is past (or not yet at) this stage you many want to take a look at The Learning Company's other offerings.  Overall, it's a workbook worth checking out if you are exploring this style of learning. 


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