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A Review On: The Worst-Case Scenario Survive-o-pedia (Worst-Case Scenario: Junior Edition)

The Worst-Case Scenario Survive-o-pedia (Worst-Case Scenario: Junior Edition)

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Pros: informative, has practical advice as well as entertaining.

My 4 year old and 8 year old love this book.  They are the type of kids who are always full of interesting questions.  Yesterday I was asked "what if that baby in your belly is a robot?"  There are a lot of times I'm not exactly sure how to answer their questions.  This book does that!  I can say, "I'm not sure, maybe it's in the survive-o-pedia" now!


I like that it does offer practical advice such as "how to avoid a bee sting" and "how to open a coconut", as well as the more unlikely "how to survive a plummeting elevator" and "how to survive a gorilla attack".  The unlikely ones we have found are great conversation starters.   My two kids have sat together very contently and read this book together, discussing all the interesting scenarios.


I think this is a great book for the curious kid.  Also good for car trips, or take to along when there is going to be some waiting involved.  This is definitely a kids version, as it takes complex info, condenses it into this simple to understand format.  


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