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Thirsties Diaper Cover Reviews

Positive Reviews


Trim and well-fitting workhorse cover


Pros: Trim, well-fitting, holds up well, easy to use

Cons: Binding stains

We have used both Thirsties Duo Wraps and Thirsties Diaper Covers (sized). I bought the sized covers in XS while awaiting our newest addition, and have not been disappointed. They fit well from birth (she was 8lbs, 4oz) and still fit well at 2 months old, with room to grow! They are great over both fitteds and prefolds (either trifolded or snappied). The only conceivable downside I can think of is that the binding stains, but that's not unexpected for any cover. I haven't even tried to sun them yet, though I expect it would help. Of course, the more we've been folding our PFs and snappi'ing them, the less of an issue that has been - and it was a minor one to begin with!

Negative Reviews


Wear out quickly


Pros: Affordable, great fit, easy to use

Cons: not durable, Velcro waers out quckly, fabric pills and stains

At first I really liked these. We got just one or two of several types of covers when my daughter was first born to try them out and see what worked best for us. They have a good fit around the legs and back which prevents blowouts but they did not last long at all. The stains and pilling fabric were a bummer but we had to quit using them because the Velcro was shot. 

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Thirsties Duo Wrap


Pros: made in usa, trim, holds in EBF poop!

I LOVE these! They contain even the messiest poop! And with a hemp prefold they are perfect for over night! I have never had a leak in these!

A great cover for the price


Pros: Inexpensive, reliable, FIts well, cute prints

Cons: Stink issues hard to get rid of on PUL

I have used Thirsties as a cover for this babe almost the entire time. I had to upsize to the size 2 around 4 months instead of the 9 months the cover says. Perhaps this is because I tri fold a prefold inside of these covers instead of over a fitted. My babe was not larger than her peers.   These are inexpensive, cute prints, fit well, and get the job done....   I have 4 covers in size 2 which I have used for about 6 months. I have stink issues and wicking issues that have developed in the last month. This could be the fault of myself, but the truth is I don't know how. I've read the CD"ing sites and am just wondering if I didn't rotate enough or wash enough.  ...
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Size 1 is excellent, Size 2 not so much


Pros: Washes well, cute prints, size 1 fits well, gussets

Cons: size 2 doesn't fit well, velcro wears out really quick

We used the duo size one for my baby from age 2 months to 7 months and then size two from 7 months until 11 months.   I really loved the size one and told everyone Thirsties were my favorite diaper. They fit well, the snap down rise worked really well and the velcro was strong after my baby outgrew them (5 months use). I sold them on Craigslist and they retained their value pretty well.   We ordered size two and I just wasn't as impressed. The size two seemed HUGE compared to the size one. The snap down rise just wasn't as effective with the size two, either. It made some weird creases and folds and caused the diapers to leak. We ended up just using them full size and...
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Overall these are fine diaper covers.


Pros: Great colors, trimmer fit than some

Cons: weak velcro, snaps on rise don't always stay snapped

I'm not over the moon for them, but they get the job done.  My son has some HUGE legs, and ends up with more red pinch marks when I use a Thirsties cover than with some other brands.

Best Cover I own


Pros: snaps are best, fits thighs well, hold in waste

Cons: small size doesn't fit my baby even though she's w/in the weight range

I love these covers, they are nearly perfect! I do prefer the snaps to the velcro though because they hold up longer.

GREAT cover


Pros: trim, holds BF poo, no leaks yet

Cons: sizing is not accurate

We love our Thirsties Duo Wraps!  I have both the size 1 (0-6 months) and size 2 (9-36 months) in several patterns and both aplix and snaps.  We use them over trifolded and snappied prefolds as well as Workhorse fitteds.  They are our go-to nighttime cover as they contain a lot!  Only caution is that sizing seems a bit off - we sized up to the size 2's around 6 months and our LO is average-sized.  Great buy!

Best covers


Pros: cute, waterproof, affordable

Cons: none

I cloth diapered my youngest child and Thirsties diaper covers were my favorite. They washed well, did not leak and came in such cute colors. I always suggest these covers to other moms considering cloth diapers!

Works well!


Pros: Cute colors, Only 2 sizes needed, Economical

Cons: not a natural, breathable fabric

This is one of the first covers I used in my cloth diapering experience.  I received one as a baby shower gift and it was one of my favorite covers and I used it a lot when I had a newborn.  I really liked the leg gussets and rarely had any leaks.  I had the snap version and really liked the ability to change the rise as he grew without having to buy another cover right away.  I also liked the cute colors and pattern for my son.  The only reason I quit using was because I decided to use all natural fabric that can breathe and I quit using PUL.  I now use wool, but am happy this cover helped ease my transition to cloth diapering. :)

Best quality


Pros: Holds large messes, quality

Best value, holds up to many washes, no problem with the Velcro, great with pre folds or soarers.

Excellent Choice


Pros: Made in USA, great for bulky stuffing, simple easy for babysitters, durable, works as promised

Cons: Aplix only, sized does not grow ith baby

Background: I knew before my daughter was born that I wanted to use cloth diapers. When I was a junior in high school we had to do a report about garbage and the amount of waste caused by disposable diapers still haunts me to this day. (that was 15 years ago so I am sure it is even worse by at least double by now.) I remember babysitting as a teenager for some families that would use cloth on occasion, my nephews the older two had cloth, and we used a lot of cloth in the nursery at church. So I figured I would just get the fluff like that. I had no idea how much cloth diapering had changed in 15 years. Nor did I realize how difficult it would be to find retailers.   Thirsties:...
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Mothering › Product Reviews › Diapering › Cloth Diapers › Thirsties Diaper Cover › Thirsties Diaper Cover Reviews