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Works well!

A Review On: Thirsties Diaper Cover

Thirsties Diaper Cover

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Pros: Cute colors, Only 2 sizes needed, Economical

Cons: not a natural, breathable fabric

This is one of the first covers I used in my cloth diapering experience.  I received one as a baby shower gift and it was one of my favorite covers and I used it a lot when I had a newborn.  I really liked the leg gussets and rarely had any leaks.  I had the snap version and really liked the ability to change the rise as he grew without having to buy another cover right away.  I also liked the cute colors and pattern for my son.  The only reason I quit using was because I decided to use all natural fabric that can breathe and I quit using PUL.  I now use wool, but am happy this cover helped ease my transition to cloth diapering. :)

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This is my favorite diaper cover so far (vs. bummis original, super brite and super whisper wrap, gDiapers, and applecheeks) for a strict diaper cover (applecheeks are actually a pocket diaper - which makes me less likely to use them during the day lest they get soiled before bedtime). I don't love velcro/aplix because of the chafe when BF'ing and how they get stuck and twisted if you forget to close the tabs when laundering. So the all-snap option is really great. We've used these since week 2 and the adjustable fit has been nice and trim the whole time as DD has expanded through the size 1 - definitely minimizing the "cloth-diaper butt" that turns some folks off CD'ing. The gussets at the leg openings have contained no.2 blowouts that might have got beyond a lesser cover (and soiled a perfectly lovely set of jammies), without pinching. The only thing I don't like...can't get the same colors in the all-snap version as the aplix version :( (love the baby bird). I do also love my wool cover, but the PUL is less work to clean.
Mothering › Product Reviews › Diapering › Cloth Diapers › Thirsties Diaper Cover › Reviews › maself's Review