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Tres Tria Cosleeping Solution

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Pros: All organic, easy to use and move

Cons: Expense

We finally got the Tres Tria, and I'm so glad we did! I had looked at it and opted not to get it with our 3rd baby, but by the time baby 4 came, I couldn't put it off. We had used a side-carred crib in the past but were tired of not having room and accessibility. With the Tres Tria, we can keep the baby safe while still being able to get in and out of the bed and while maintaining walking space in the room.

As wel, the Tres Tria can be used in the middle of the bed. We first used it to divide the bed between DH and DS (3yo) on one side and DD (newborn) and me on the other. Now that DD is a little older, we can put the Tres Tria on the outside to prevent her from rolling off. Even while I was pregnant, I found I could easily roll/climb over the Tres Tria myself to get up, but a child lying near it couldn't get over it.

My older children have all loved the Tres Tria and often prefer it for a sleeping pillow over the others available. It has a great feel, no noticeable odor, and is very versatile. It's the perfect addition to our organic family bed.
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Tres Tria Cosleeping Solution

Tres Tria cosleeping solution by Better for Babies company. The majority of parents bed share at some point in time whether it be all night or just the early morning hours. Simplify your nighttime experience- Tres Tria is simple, organic, natural

BindingBaby Product
LabelBetter for Babies
ManufacturerBetter for Babies
Product GroupBaby Product
Product Type NameBABY_PRODUCT
PublisherBetter for Babies
StudioBetter for Babies
TitleTres Tria Cosleeping Solution
Weight12 pounds
BrandBetter for Babies
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Mothering › Product Reviews › Baby Gear › Co-Sleepers › Tres Tria Cosleeping Solution