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Ultimate Man/Mama Carrier


Pros: Everything.

Cons: I can't think of any. If one should arise, they fix it FAST!

I drool over every design that comes out of their work shop! Even when it is for a team I don't care anything about haha. The carriers are sturdy, safe, and comfortable :) The customer service is 10x better than any other carrier company/maker I have used (about 3 other popular makers). 



Pros: super sturdy, cool design, cup holders,hood, sucking pads, can cross over chest or wear like backpack

Cons: Long straps can be a bit difficult to tie during winter

Grandma's Visit 014.JPG When I first started baby-wearing, I began with a moby. I loved it, but my dd quickly exceeded a comfortable weight for it and so I moved on to a ring sling. While I love my ring sling for quick trips, it's certainly not the most comfortable for extended baby wearing. After doing a lot of research I then decided on an Ergo. My husband loved it, but I found with my chest size the Ergo just wasn't comfortable on my back. I missed the ability to cross the straps over my chest as with a wrap. I thought about getting a woven wrap but decided I really wanted a cross between the ease of the ergo and the personal fit of a wrap. I ended up picking the UMC, which I had heard many wonderful things about. I like to shop as local and personally as possible so I also liked the idea of purchasing from a reputable wahp. I ended up purchasing my UMC on Zerberts as I fell in love with the dragon design. Since I'm now expecting my second, I haven't been using the UMC much, but I'm excited to pull it out again after the little one arrives.

 I used the UMC all last winter. While I watched other mums get their strollers stuck in the thick Vermont snow, I walked with ease with the bub on my back and a dual poncho around us.

I can wear it for ages without hurting my back, and I love all the bells and whistles. The cup holders are perfect for nalgenes, and the key holder was great for just clipping them on. The sucking pads I tended to use more as shoulder pads, but they extended the comfort period. DD could be worn comfortably well over 25 lbs, and the creators have done tests with 13 year old so you know they're built to last. The waist thick and well padded for back support, and although the straps were a bit stiff at first, by the end they were getting really comfy. The detachable hood is one of the coolest parts, as it can be snapped into place to work either as a head rest or a full hood for a sleeping bub.

I think the best part of the UMC though is the personal touch of the creators. They're very friendly and will answer all your questions quickly. I really can't recommend this product enough! Oh, and I almost forgot, it's reversible so you can have a pattern that pleases both the dad and the mum. joy.gif

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Ultimate Man/Mama Carrier

Made by a Work At Home Parent, the UMC is a Mei Tai with all the bells and whistles. It comes with two matching detachable sucking/shoulder pads and two detachable cup holders. It also comes in a matching bag. It is generally a custom product, although there are occasional stockings at Jillian's Drawers and Zerberts.

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Mothering › Product Reviews › Babywearing › Mei-Tei & Onbuhimo › Ultimate Man/Mama Carrier