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Hands down, the best parenting book around

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Pros: Revolutionary, easy to understand

Cons: Not full of practical tips, long in beginning

This has been the most important parenting book I have read so far. It has totally helped me to refocus my approach to parenting my now-toddler. Kohn has a great sense of humor and a wonderful style that will challenge the way you parent without making you feel bad about your earlier practices.


The first half of the book was a little long-winded for my taste, but is full of interesting and necessary background. The latter part of the book sets up a loose framework for how to be an unconditional parent, but doesn't give you a checklist of things you must or must not do. He really engages you as a parent to take full responsibility for creating a healthy & loving relationship with your child.


I just really, really love this book!


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