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Great Money Saving Option for Nursing Attire

A Review On: Undercover Mama - Make Any Shirt a Nursing Shirt (Medium, Black)

Undercover Mama - Make Any Shirt a Nursing Shirt (Medium, Black)

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Melanie Mayo
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Pros: easy to use, great way to save money, comfortable


I absolutely LOVE this idea and I wish I had found it before I purchased so many expensive nursing shirts. The undercover mama is so easy to use it really does turn "any shirt into a nursing shirt" by simply clipping to your bra under your favorite top. Once clipped on, the Undercover Mama adds a second layer of fabric under your shirt that completely covers your other breast and belly when you lift your shirt to nurse. 


While there are many wonderful, cute nursing tops out there it is really freeing to be able to walk into the store and pick out a shirt because you love it, not because it was made for nursing moms. The Undercover Mama comes in several colors, but a nice neutral black or gray is perfect for just about any outfit. 


Priced very affordably, this is a great investment over buying a variety of nursing shirts. 


Note: The information shared here is an honest statement based on my experience with a product provided for free for the purpose of this review. 







what a wonderful idea, thank you for sharing! after wearing nursing tanks for the last 2 years & now expecting baby #2 in april, i'm excited to hear there are other options!! :)
I wear mine all the time, whether I am breastfeeding or not. I love being able to use it with any bra. I love Undercover Mama!