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Forget nursing shirts!

A Review On: Undercover Mama - Make Any Shirt a Nursing Shirt (Medium, Black)

Undercover Mama - Make Any Shirt a Nursing Shirt (Medium, Black)

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Pros: Easy BF, Comfortable

Cons: Line dry, expensive, back slides below bra line a little

I love this shirt!  It makes nursing so easy and modest!  I bought a few belly bands to cover my stomach, but this is so much easier!  You can continue to wear your old shirts or any shirt and nurse!  Soft fabric, attaches easily to bra - hooks on actual fabric, so may wear on bra over time.

Only drawbacks: 

  • Line Dry - probably bc of plastic loops for bra.
  • Expensive - should be $15 instead of 25, but you save by not buying all those frumpy nursing shirts
  • Back slides down.  One day I was wearing just this around the house (hey, you can't always tell they're my bra straps!  But the back reveals the strap of your bra

Overall, love it!


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