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Diaper binnin' with style

A Review On: Vipp Vipp 15 white bin (14 litres/4 gallons)

Vipp Vipp 15 white bin (14 litres/4 gallons)

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Pros: No plastic; great odour confinement; eco-friendly; stylish; quiet self-close; easy step pedal

Cons: expensive

I just wanted to say that we really like our vipp diaper bin!  We've been using it more than a year.  I like that we'll have it in the house long after babies are out of diapers as it looks quite nice too.


Not buying any bits of plastic whatsoever were a big priority for me (I'm a nut about not buying 'new' plastic), and this bin is all stainless steel (including the pail inside) and rubber (pedal and lid ring liner). 


The vipp bins were originally used in barber shops, dentist's offices, and dr's offices as rubbish cans that would effectively contain odours.  People picked up on this for using them for diaper bins ;> 


If you have the inclination/budget to spend the money on this bin, you won't be disappointed in its performance.


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