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A Review On: Vitafusion Prenatal, Gummy Vitamins, 90-Count

Vitafusion Prenatal, Gummy Vitamins, 90-Count

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briannas auntie
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Pros: gummy vitamin is easily absorbed, tasty

Cons: lacking nutrients

I purchased these Vitafusion prenatal vitamins from my local pharmacy.  I was looking for a prenatal vitamin that was in a gummy form, so it would be easily absorbed.  I honestly wished I had done more research on this brand before I bought them.


After I bought the vitamins and took them for a week, I looked on the bottle to see exactly how much folic acid was in them (I need more folic acid than normal, because of the seizure medicine I'm on).  That's when I discovered that there was NO iron in these vitamins at all.  Not only that, quite a few nutrients and minerals such as iodine and other beneficial nutrients were missing.  In fact, I compared the nutrient content of these prenatal vitamins to a bottle of regular womens vitamins (One a Day brand),and they were identical!  I could have saved some money and just bought regular vitamins.  Because of the vitamins having no iron in them, I had to take a seperate liquid iron in order to make sure I had some iron in me.  After all, they tell you to take prenatal vitamins at least 3 months before you try and conceive to build up the necessary nutrients in your system. 


On the plus side, these gummy vitamins were pretty tasty and gentle on my stomach.


I would strongly recommend that NO pregnant woman use these vitamins, unless they want to take several other supplement pills in addition to this.  I recommend Rainbow Light Prenatal Vitamins. 


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