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Empowering Lip Gloss for Teen and Preteens

Melanie Mayo
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Pros: Mostly natural, empowering messages for girls

We don't do a lot of reviews of makeup, but when I saw this statement about Lip Bliss I was really impressed. 


"It all started a few years ago when a mother with teen and preteen daughters went on a shopping trip. The mother was made keenly aware of what beauty products were available to purchase. She was shocked at the explicit and suggestive names found on numerous brands of lip gloss. She didn’t feel it was appropriate for her 13 year old daughter to put such messaging in her pocket, let alone on her lips. The mother went home with no lip gloss, but with a strong desire to make a difference. After collaborating with her friends, an idea was born to create a lip gloss that would support a positive message, not only for her girls but for women everywhere." 


I love this story. A mom taking a stand against the oversexualization that our girls face every day! Lip Bliss features "flavors" such as Curiosity, Simplicity, Devotion, Generosity, Wisdom and Kindness. If your teen or preteen is asking for lipstick or lip gloss consider this as a more empowering alternative to conventional options. 


Paraben and gluten free, not tested on animals and vegan. 


More information can be found on the What's Your Virtue


This is an honest statement based on my experience with a product sent for free for the purpose of this review. 


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