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A Review On: Wheely Bee (SMALL) by Prince Lionheart

Wheely Bee (SMALL) by Prince Lionheart

Rated # 5 in 2 Years Toys
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Pros: beautifully made, easily maneuvereable on wood or lino floors, fun

Cons: difficult for small ones to mount and dismount, not great on carpet or outside

This is a wonderful toy. Beautifully designed and made - very sturdy. My daughter loves the spring mounted antennae which boing happily as she goes over door transitions and cat tails. Lightly padded seat enables a comfy ride. All wheels rotate like casters which means she can spin round and round in circles. I love the designs that these come in, will buy the next size up soon...perhaps a ladybug. The solid wood base means that when she asks for one of us to ride with her, we can. Have not tried this outside - seems like more of an indoor toy - for hardwood floors. It is pretty difficult to operate on carpet. The plastic of the wheels would get chewed up in outdoor use.



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