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A Review On: Wikki Stix Tons of Fun Activity Set

Wikki Stix Tons of Fun Activity Set

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Pros: Promotes creativity and independence

Cons: leaves a residue on fingertips that might bother some children

My kids were thrilled to get this in the mail.  Arriving in a large reusable plastic zippered pouch, it contained various colors of Wikki Stix (6" in length, 144 total), an idea book, and 6 glossy cardboard pictures to attach the Wikki Stix to.  The possibilities are endless.  The Wikki Stix are made out of yarn that are infused with wax-- so they stick to each other and to glossy surfaces for crafts with just fingertip pressure.  No glue needed.  They are reusable, so kids can use them for craft after craft-- many creative and educational uses!  The idea book is for school teachers and has many ideas for incorporating Wikki Stix into your child's learning. 


Wikki Stix are specifically designed for children autism spectrum disorders-- great for non verbal expression and as a fidget tool, but Wikki Stix can be fun for all children.  


My 3 year old and 4 year old played with Wkki Stix quietly in the backseat of the car for an hour on a recent car trip.  Virtually mess-free, Wikki Stix are ideal for independent creative play as well as guided lessons.  


My kids dropped several Wikki Stix on the floor, and because they are waxy and sticky, hairs and lint stuck to them like crazy.  So, be careful if you have pets-- hairs will get stuck to them.  I also noticed that the wax left grease marks on the included boards.  The residue did come off easily with a dry paper towel, but some grease marks remained (this does not affect use, though!).  After playing with these for a while, I had a strong urge to wash my hands, because of the residue from the wax.  My kid never complained of the waxiness on their hands, but I can see how it might bother a child with sensory issues.  


Overall, a great activity toy!  Would make a great gift or a fun homeschool activity.


Note: I received this item free for review, but my opinions are totally my own.  :)  I would recommend this activity to a friend!


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