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cloudy urine?

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i know, my first post here and THAT is the title? nice

anyway, i've noticed the past week or so my urine has been cloudy. i don't think it has been every time, but enough for me to notice. i googled (bad idea, i know) and saw that it could be an indicator of pre-eclampsia if my blood pressure is high, which it hasn't been.

is this something i should worry about? call my doctor about? my next appt is early december.

oh, and i'm 11 weeks.
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Are you drinking enough? Cloudy urine is most commonly the sign of: a food you ingested, dehydration, or a UTI.
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I think you're too early for pre-e anyway. Doesn't that usually happen after 24 weeks?

I say drink more water and see if it clears up.
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I get this when I'm dehydrated.
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I believe it could be related to your vitamins.
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thank y'all so much. i need to remember NOT to google this stuff. i have had a hard time drinking water lately, because if i drink too much it makes me throw up. go figure. yesterday i was much better about my water intake and all was clear (literally) last night.
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Funny, I was having the same question. Mine has been pretty cloudy since I found out I was pregnant. But I was taking the vitamins when TTC, and it was fine then, so I don't think its the vitamins. In fact, one of the first things I notice and what made me think I was pregnant was that my urine changes a bit (smells different too)

And before, un-pregnant, when I was dehydrated my urine would just get dark, not cloudy, so I thought it was odd also. I might ask my ob/gyn about it next week to make sure, they take my urine usually anyway, so I figure they'd see if there was something amiss. In the meantime I guess Ill try and drink some more water! I'm a notoriously bad water-drinker. I have a really bad thirst mechanism.
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Are you sure it's your urine? I've noticed that the vaginal discharge can drip into the toilet then it looks like my urine is cloudy.
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mine has been cloudy too. i think mine is from not drinking enough water.
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I'm cloudy too, and I am drinking plenty and I know I don't have a UTI. If you are not worried about those two tings, my guess is that it could be vitamins or vaginal discharge or a combo of both.
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Yup, I would suspect not enough water (me!) or a UTI. With a UTI, you can feel heavy, or pressure. My dr(and nothing I read) said UTIs are more common during pg and feel differently than when not pg, so mine was bad first pg.

I didn't know about the vitamins.
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My midwife said UTIs are pretty common during pregnancy as well, and that they are often missed, although from your second post it sounds like it was dehydration and you've got it under control.
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definitely dehydration. I am bad at drinking a lot of water as well. This happened to me the other day and now that I am back on track with fluids, it is cleared up.
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Originally Posted by heatherh View Post
Are you sure it's your urine? I've noticed that the vaginal discharge can drip into the toilet then it looks like my urine is cloudy.
Ah, now that makes a lot of sense! I have noticed cloudy urine too and I know I drink a LOT of water and I don't have a UTI, so this has had me perplexed. But I do have a lot of discharge (I so love that part of pregnancy) so that could be the cause. Plus, when I'm dehydrated my urine get really dark orange, depending on how bad it is.
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