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Originally Posted by nighten View Post
Why would water not be okay with the three hour one?
I don't know - but I've never been allowed to drink water before the three hour, and I've taken it three times now. On other boards, I've noticed the same thing - that women aren't allowed water before the three hour before or during the test.
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So, my glucose test this morning said 126. My midwife said it was fine, but that I should "watch what I eat." I pressed her for some specifics, and she was really contradictory. First she said that chicken with steamed vegetables is a good meal, so that sounds like she's telling me to eat no carbs at all. Then she says pasta with alfredo sauce is a bad idea because of the fat - what's fat got to do with it? Then I asked her how often it would be okay to eat dessert, like once a week? And she said, "Oh no, most people have something sweet every day, I'm just saying that I'd rather you have a cookie than a big bakery cupcake." What?? And to top it all off, she suggested that an ideal dessert is a bowl of berries with freshly made whipped cream. Berries. In November. Hello?

I love my MW, I really do, but it seems nutrition is not her specialty. Btw, I measured "on the small side of normal," as she put it, and have gained 16 pounds so far.

Well. Any of you ladies have any more rational advice about diet for a glucose reading of 126?
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You are lucky!

In my eyes, you are lucky. You tested below 130, which is the threshold for determining if you are at risk for gd. I would just say to watch your sugar intake, since you are borderline.

I just got my results back yesterday, and I tested at 209. Yikes! And I fasted beforehand, so they are confident I have gd.

This is my 3rd pregnancy, and I have no prior experience with this. I'm awaiting a call from my midwife to set up an appt. with a perinatologist for nutrition counseling and to find out next steps.

Not good news anytime, but especially not right before the holidays. But I can do anything for 3 months, and if it ensures a healthy baby, I'll do it.
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I wouldn't even bat an eye at 126. You should be under 120 'ideally' 2 hrs after eating, so 126 at 1hr is fine. I wouldn't worry about anything at all, just make healthy choices, but we should all be doing that.
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126 is great! Most drs use below 140 as passing, though some use 130.
I have been on a diabetic diet since Jan - and my gain is still far more than average. I find that I do need to make sure to get enough fat. Getting enough fat actually helps fill me up better as well as seems to help my blood sugars. Protien is key, but I was surprised that high protien/low fat didn't work nearly as well as high protien/medium fat.

I do eat ice cream sometimes - but it's Breyer's carb smart. I can't eat regular pasta and have to drastically limit even 100% whole grain pasta. So I eat Dreamfield's low carb pasta. I have to limit my fruits even and certain veggies like carrot sticks. But my diet is much stricter than most GD diets. My suggestion would be to eat carbs but make them whole grains and eat protien at the same time. Also, check the fiber. Fiber helps blood sugar levels too.
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Mine went fine on Thursday. I had a small water bottle of "fruit punch" type of drink. I felt sweaty and jittery for about 15 minutes, but was ok after that. They will call me with my results.
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My midwife does the 50g carbohydrate load test. I had 2 eggs, 2 slices of toast, 8oz milk, 4 oz juice, and confirmed by the labels that I was getting 50g of carbohydrates, within a few grams. 2 hours later, they did a little finger stick, and my sugar was fine. Same as with my son. I did the glucola with my first, and nearly passed out, or vomited, or both simultaneously, and my blood sugar tested pretty much exactly the same as it did with my son and with this baby.

I am at risk for gestational diabetes because I am at risk for Type II diabetes. I am glad to be able to get reliable testing results without having to subject my system to 50g of straight sugar syrup, with nothing to temper it. I don't do that at any other time- why would I make myself sick while pregnant?

I think my results from the glucola were around 107; after eating the healthy breakfast, it was just under 80, I think. Each time I was told my results were great, not even borderline.
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If my appointment is at 2, and I'll be drinking my ginger ale at 1, then can I really not have any sugary things at all, all day beforehand? How long does it take for the sugar to get out of your system? I just realized I had two meals to eat only protein for and ick -- I don't want that many boiled eggs, as will be stinky all day.

What else could I eat for breakfast and/or lunch that has zero sugar? Or can I have a normal breakfast with juice and whatnot, and then eat only the eggs for lunch?

I really, really, really want to pass the GD test and be done with it. The holidays are coming up and I love to bake...

Suggestions? Thanks, mamas!
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Ugh nighten, I don't know. Can you reschedule? I'd really try hard to avoid sugar all day. Maybe you could have pork chops or something for lunch, just so you don't have to eat that many eggs?

Today my midwife just did a random sugar test, just for fun. It was 143! But, I had literally JUST eaten a big plate of dessert a friend's house before my appt. And I FELT bad, as if I had just eaten a ton of sugar. She just laughed and winked and said, "we won't write that number down."

I'll do another random one with my hospital midwife in a few weeks, I'm sure, but I'll not eat sugar that day and so it won't be a problem.

Okay...this makes thread #4...I really am getting off now...
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Okay I just found out that protein breaks down into 50% glucose and could skew the test, so that's out.

I'm going to eat a light breakfast of carbs and protein and hope it gets out of my system before my test, and skip lunch until after my appointment. Which will suck, but there you have it.

Worst case scenario, I'll eat a piece of cheese for lunch.

I'm finally starting to understand why they have people fast before these tests, but I still think the notion of making a pregnant woman fast is horrid. Really. Anyway....

Wish me luck!
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I have actually heard that abstaining from sugar entirely the day of/ day before can cause a blood sugar "rebound" effect. The best bet is to just eat normally, but not swing to any extremes before testing. And consider asking to do the 50g carbohydrate load test, which is adapted from ACOG standards, so even conventional obstetricians shouldn't dismiss it completely out of hand (and if they do, ask why).
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Well, I ended up eating a normal breakfast (eggs and soy bacon, with OJ) around 9 or 10, and ate a cheese/peanut butter cracker before drinking one and a third sodas (roughly 50g of sugar in the sodas) at 1:00.

The results weren't in this morning when I called, and I forgot to call back until after they were closed. So I'll call tomorrow.

I'm assuming if the results were really bad, they'd have called me.
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Hope your results are good, nighten!

I'm dreading having more blood drawn. This time I'm going to look at the tech's tag a little closer. The other day said, "student"...and she took an extra (large!) vial accidentally AND it hurt quite a bit the whole time (8 tubes total!). And, I let dd come watch, so I didn't indulge in any more than, "could you move it to the right just a little?", though I wanted to make her try again because it was obviously NOT a good stick...but the blood came out and we were done.

Thanks for the "eat normal" tip. I'll remember that. It's funny because some days I know I eat a ridiculous amount of sugar, and other days I don't eat any, and have no desire for any. I think it is directly dependant on how busy I am and how sick I feel. The sicker and busier equals more sugar...

Anyone else still have to do the test?
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I finally went and did my test this morning. Not as bad as I was expecting it to be. The stuff wasn't bad. I got orange and it tasted like flat orange soda. I really hate needles and all the bloodwork for pregnancy has been far from fun, but this is the last needle that pokes me until we test for Group Strep B towards the end.

I'll get my results next week, but I felt totally fine after the drink and the test so I'm hoping that's a good sign.
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No clue what the number was (the nurse just left a message) but I passed the test! :-)

I'm very relieved.
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Here's an interesting link I found to an article called:
"New Recommendations for Gestational Diabetes Testing: There is not one right way to test for GDM."


My midwife didn't seem to think I needed to do it if I didn't want to, even though I'm "older" (35) I've had two healthy pregnancies, no family history etc.
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Is everyone else getting tested?

My American MD says that he doesn't test for GD routinely anymore, and this is my second pregnancy with a Japanese doctor and I know he said he would be checking my glucose at the last blood draw, but didn't have me fast or drink anything special before hand.

I do remember drinking the glucose for my first, and I likedit :
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Glad you passed nighten! I was going to suggest to eat as you normally for breakfast but to eat lunch on the early side and watch how much sugar you eat for lunch.

sara - I like the drink too. I just don't like how it makes me feel sometimes!

Just1 - I still need to take my second 3 hour test, which I'll do in one week since that's the only time I could get a babysitter. I skip the one hour and did the 3 hour at 14 weeks pg as well. However, my EDD is technically March 5, so I'm behind in weeks from most of you here. (I'm high risk and repeat c-section though so the baby is definately coming in Feb, which is why I visit both boards).
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