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Check In here as you pass into the 2nd Tri !!! - Page 3

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13 weeks and 3 days! Yay!
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13w2d today! we made it!!!
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I'm in.
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14 weeks today, just coming in a little late. heh.
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Aww, this is so exciting to see all these mamas in the second trimester! ::

Today I am 13w3d going from ultrasound dating, and 13w tomorrow on ovulation dating so I am counting myself in

I was feeling great in weeks 11/12 but the nausea and tiredness seem to have made an annoying reappearance at points this week! I'll just take it as a good sign that important things are going on down there
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13w1d today, and had an OB appt today where the OB welcomed me to the 2nd trimeser. :
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I almost forgot to check in here! I'm 14 weeks today.
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I'm am 13 weeks today and we heard a heartbeat at my last appt!!! And I am in maternity pants already. Best of all I have energy again and my nausea is mostly gone! I love the second trimester!
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12 weeks today, but I'm not really considering this 2nd trimester yet

My RE said I'm officially in the 2nd tri on Dec 20th. I'll post back then, if I remember.
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14 weeks as of yesterday. Yay!!!:
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13 weeks and 2 days! :
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I've passed! I was 14 weeks last Tuesday, so I am now 14 weeks and 4 days.
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I am completely loving the second trimester. I'm 13w3d and its a remarkable difference. The all day nausea-fest is gone. The exhaustion has decreased significantly (even though I think the Prometrium I was on played more of a role with that one) . I have pretty big bursts of energy and have been able to get things accomplished more. I love it lol :
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12 weeks!! I'm anxious to hear the heartbeat again since its been two weeks. Next appt. January 2nd.
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13 weeks today! I've been feeling a lot better for a couple weeks now!
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13wks today for me::

And i am really feeling better. Less nausea, more energy and my appetite is coming back strong
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Hit 13 weeks on Saturday and actually awoke with no morning nausea as well. I still am waking up famished but less nausea and more good days than bad. And the, ahem, sex drive seems to be ramping up as well.

Also, for anyone looking for a good visual pregnancy timeline, I love the one at this site. I just gotta have the visual! Check 'Show Weeks and Days' and use your due date or LMP. The conception date option doesn't seem to be working at the moment.
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14w2d today, and so excited that I like food again!

I'm still feeling really tired, still peeing all the time, and still have to eat much more frequently than usual, but for the first time in about five weeks, I'm able to eat things that are NOT cheese, yogurt, cereal, or toast! We went out for Chinese food on Saturday night, and it was awesome.
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13w2d today. Geeze, I thought it'd never get here. Still haven't announced to the families yet. We were going to do a family picture and send that in the Christmas card, but I haven't been able to coordinate with all the kids to get us together in one place at the same time for the picture. Oh well... Maybe I'll make a calendar with the u/s or something. Looking at the weather coming, I probably won't be able to mail anything the next few days, so nothing will get to them on time anyhow.
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I'm 13wks5days here and I don't feel great but I feel SO much better:
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