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Currently we no longer require any more writers, however this may change, so check back periodically. Thank you.

Hi Mamas (and Daddies)!

We are looking for people to write articles for our website.

It is a family and educational site, and the articles will mostly be related to items/services/places/ideas/how-to's etc that families might be researching or wanting to purchase. They must be original and unique to our site. (pass Copyscape)

We can't pay a lot at this stage, as we are not making a lot of money as yet, and this is our only income source. Hopefully in time, as our income increases, we can increase the pay rate. Currently we would be offering $3-$5 per 500+ word article, paid by PayPal on approval, written to our guidelines (and relevant to an Australian audience where applicable), depending on length, difficulty and quality of article. I know it's not a lot, but a bit of extra cash might be useful to some mamas who want something they can do from home.

This has the potential to be a long term arrangement for the right person(s).
There aren't really any deadlines (except maybe on rare occasions) or pressures to write a certain amount of articles... we're pretty easy going.

If you think you would be interested and would like to know more, pm me and we can discuss it further.

Look forward to hearing from someone(s)!