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My boy has arrived

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I'm very happy to say that Miles Daniel arrived yesterday.

It was a very fast and sucessful homebirth. My second HBAC! :

Nursing like a champ.
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: Congrats on the baby boy!!!! Enjoy your babymoon.
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oh yay!!!! congratulations!!! please send those fast labor vibes my way! i've been in early, early labor for over 12 hours now....(contrx every 5-20 mins lasting 20-50secs )
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Congrats KH! And welcome to the world Miles!
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woohoo kh! your my hero today! : welcome little one!

can i be next, please please please?
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:Congradulations indeed:
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Originally Posted by Synchro246 View Post
:Congradulations indeed:

and introducing the mama, and my friend, who caught little baby Miles as the midwife did not arrive on time. She shall from now be known as Laura-the-baby-catcher.
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Whoo hoo! Many congrats! Welcome Little Miles!
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Whoo hoo Laura! What a wonderful gift!
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Congrats!! I can't wait to meet him!!


I can't think of a better baby cathcher!

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Wowee! That all sounds very exciting. Congrats on your second HBAC!!!! :

Welcome Miles! I love the name; I'm glad you went with the name that made you happy.
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YAY, Congratulations!!!:
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And let me just say that I'm happy baby Miles honored me so.

Also, because Kleine is apparently too humble to say so, he is the prettiest newborn I have ever seen. Absolutely perfect.
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: Congratulations!:
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Congratulations, Mama! Glad that Laura-the-Baby-Catcher was on call!
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Congrats!! :
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