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Looks like I am moving over Thanksgiving

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I am equal parts excited and terrified. I am so glad to finally be going because this move has been in the works since August and one thing or another has delayed it. We are all looking forward to be together with DH again and I am really looking forward to not covering up my belly and hiding it from my mother. My goodness maternity clothes look good right now! I am also really excited about the birth center I contacted in San Antonio. They seem really laid back especially when I mentioned on the phone that I had no intention of doing the glucose test or any other testing, nor had I ever had any of it. I am a little nervous that before my first appointment I have to give them a $400 deposit and am supposed to have the balance of the birth paid off by 36 weeks (which is like 8 weeks away from my apt.) but the midwife laughed and said that with the insurance I have of it covers what she thinks it covers I will only owe them around $350 so in fact they will have to re-imburse me $50...that made me happy. I also think I found a natural family doctor who can see all of us (I need to call and verify they do newborn care) and the practice is all DOs who have massage therapists and accupuncturists on staff. Also found out that DH's new insurance covers chiros. Hey, a girl can get excited about this stuff when she has been jonesing for an adjustment for months but can't foot the bill.

I am very worried about moving three kids, 2 dogs and 3 cats (one of whom is ancient and has gone down-hill in the past week), and all our stuff to a new city, finding my way around, adjusting the kids to a new environment, finding stores, etc., all while 6.5 mos pregnant.

So, the reason we are able to move is that I was talking to my dad (the only family member who knows I am pg) and mentioning how I was going to have to sell all our stuff, pawn jewelery, etc. to try to come up with the money to move, and he says "Doesn't the company pay for your move". I say "yes, but they re-imburse so I have to come up with the money upfront". He says "that's bullshit, just use my card and pay the bill when you get re-imbursed. I am not having you get all stressed by this and selling your stuff so you can get your family back together". Sometimes my Dad is just so cool.
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Congratulations! How wonderful for you and your family. And your dad sounds like a great guy. I hope the move goes quickly and easily and you get settled in with no problems.
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Hooray!! :
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How exciting!! That was really nice of your dad to help you out with the moving costs! I hope the move goes very smoothly!
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Oh JenR, I know the move will be tough but I am so glad for you. This is wonderful news! Can your dad maybe come to San Antonio for a few days to help you with the move? I hope after the move is done it will relieve a lot of the stress in your life.

Hooray for your new freedom!
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Originally Posted by Citykid View Post
Can your dad maybe come to San Antonio for a few days to help you with the move?
He and his wife live in Colorado. They were going to come and visit over X-Mas or at the end of January on their way to or from their month-long sojourn to Arizona, but decided that X-Mas would be awkward because because we will just have moved in and end of January is tricky because I usually go into labour around 36/37 weeks. So, instead they have decided to buy us all (including themselves) season passes to Sea World, and then they will come down in the late Spring or early summer and spend more time with us (secretly I think my stepmom doesn't want to be there before the baby is born and miss out on a newborn).

I am pretty excited, but mostly because my DH calls every night and waxes poetic about the glories of the soaker tub that is in the Master Bath. Last night he made himself spaghetti, then took a glass of wine up and soaked in the tub for 45 mins. I could kill him : I on the other hand, walked two dogs for a mile each, put up with the kids all day (all of whom are really emotionally because Daddy is gone, Mommy is crazy and their lives are in an uproar), got 4 mins alone in the bath before the first one hopped in with me, then had to spend the evening pricing movers, pricing new furniture, and doing all the other move prep stuff.

Yes, I am looking forward to this finally being over.
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Congratulations on finally getting out of there and good luck with the move! It sounds exciting and it sounds like it will go well.
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Oh how wonderful! It will be hard but so worth it to be all together. Your dad sounds great. I'm so glad that you have his support. Good luck with all of the details. Just keep telling yourself that soon it will be you in the soaker tub for 45 minutes while DH plays with the kids and walks the dogs!:
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It will be worth it to reunite the family!! I can't imagine being away from dh for a long period of time. Great dad you have!
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Good luck with the move mama! It sucks to move, but what a great feeling it is to have that closure!
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