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If anyone has access to a physical therapist they have tons of wonderful suggestions for exercises to stabilize your pelvis. My SI (sacro-iliac) joint is loose and just doing a few exercises in one day made the ouch go away completely. I cheat as my mother is a PT but someone might try asking. I can't remember what my mom's suggestions for pubic pain was, but I'll ask again.
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I'm wondering if I have this! My pubic area feels like it was used as a wishbone! It hurts to stand if I've been sitting for awhile and my back hurts a lot. I haven't tried a warm compress yet. If I rub my back, that usually helps while I am rubbing but the pain is still there. Holding my belly while I walk seems to help but I haven't been able to find a good position with the maternity belt yet.... every position makes me want to pee!
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I've got it SOOO bad. That combined with my sciatica, I am hobbling around like an old lady. The next 9 weeks are going to be fun!
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Has anyone ever given birth with this problem? How did it effect the labor and delivery?

I am seriously considering going to a chiro. for the first time ever. Do they have to crack your neck, or can they skip it... I am scared of having my neck cracked....
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I had SPD with my daughter and I almost had a precipitous labor her birth was so easy. Didn't cause me any problems at all, other than the end of pregnancy part.
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Originally Posted by cagnew View Post
Has anyone ever given birth with this problem? How did it effect the labor and delivery?

I am seriously considering going to a chiro. for the first time ever. Do they have to crack your neck, or can they skip it... I am scared of having my neck cracked....
I didn't have any problems w/ Evan w/ it, had a working epi though so that might have made the difference. I had an epi w/ Ilana too though, but I think the SPD is what I was feeling when pushing and I was blaming it on something else. I had the pain earlier in this pgcy and a light bulb went off as it matched the pain I had w/ her exactly! I felt like someone was sawing my leg off when I was having her (it made it extremely hard to concentrate and push) and it was probably from opening too wide to push, it's a hard thing to control though when pushing semi-reclined. SPD was the reason I chose to be induced at 39 wks and part of the reason we'll do it again this time.
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I'm so ignorant of my own anatomy that I don't even know what to call the part that hurts me. So maybe it's similar?

For me, my biggest complaint right now is a feeling like my vagina is being ripped in two, right down the middle, whenever I move. The only thing that's really helping is a warm bath and avoiding activity that requires me to use one leg at a time--like getting dressed, rolling over in bed, getting into the car, pushing anything with a foot. Bleh. I can actually hear something pop in there when I get in/out of bed sometimes--its definitely not my hips, but I don't know what in my vagina could be cracking. I dunno. I'm just telling myself I can do almost anything for nine more weeks....
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I actually like getting my neck cracked :

I don't have any popping near my public bone but my hips have always popped. I don't think it's related because I had that before. I used to be able to crack my lower back by myself but I'm afraid to do it now and well, my stomach is in the way too.

I tell myself, it's not so bad....it's not so bad.... Atleast I can still get around! That's one good thing about being unemployed right now... I can lie down whenever I want!
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Well, has almost completely gone away. Maybe the more supportive shoes made the difference. Other than that I don't know why I feel better now. It has been several days since it has really affected me much.
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My discomfort is pretty much gone now, too.
Hope it stays gone!
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SPD & exercises...

Okay the "crotch pain" (SPD?) as I'm calling it has gotten to the point where it hurts to walk. I went to the midwife last Thursday. She told me to wear a maternity belt and take tylenol before bed. I've been wearing the maternity belt which seems to help some with muscle pain, but the tylenol did nothing. A warm bath helps some, but how long can you really sit in the tub? Chiros and Acupuncture aren't really options, because I can't afford to use my leave before Baby arrives.

So what else is there? Its gotten to the point where I can't get any exercise--squats are definitely out and I can't even do kegels without causing myself pain. Is this normal? The midwife didn't seem concerned, but it HURTS....
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My pain isn't THAT bad but... had a thought about the warm bath helping. I *think* some company makes instant heat packs. What about wearing one in your underpants? I think Shaq was promoting some company that made heated pads for back pain... maybe that could work for the crotch?
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I have to second the neck cracking being bliss! I was scared too but I usually leave feeling like I"m walking on a cloud. My chiro is seeing me for SPD and he does crack my neck. I think the whole spinal column needs to be adjusted to make a difference. But, tell him you're worried about the neck thing and he can explain and make you feel better.

The only thing that has helped with my SPD is taking it really, really easy. I'm working from home so I stay in bed all day proped up with pillows. This took the pain from unbearable, impossible to walk to more like soreness. My goal is to baby the pain for the next 8 weeks so that it will have little impact on delivery.
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I am so bummed. I called a chiro and he won't see me b/c I can't have x-rays. He felt it was too big of a risk. I am assuming that they are all going to say that. Oh well.

I have been trying to take it easy, but it so hard. I have a 20 month old daughter.... I have stopped picking her up for the most part, and that has helped a lot.
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I highly doubt they're all going to say that. In fact, most chiros are perfectly willing to take pregnant women. Never met one who wasn't, actually. That's weird.
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Yeah that's someone you don't want to see anyways. Chiros should be well versed in serving pregnant women. My office "specializes" in it. That's crazy. Keep calling around or ask in your tribal area if anyone can recommend someone.
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Lots of chiros will see you without x-rays. In fact, a chiropractor shouldn't HAVE to rely on x-rays-- it's a sign they don't know what they're doing that much. I mean, an x-ray is helpful and can be a great tool, but it's not 100% necessary. My chiro started seeing me when I was pregnant, no x-rays, no problems. My previous chiropractor almost never did x-rays for anyone (he was older and very experienced.)

For those who are asking for more tips, I suggest gentle stretching if you can (I know sometimes it hurts too much, in which case, don't, but if you CAN stretch it might help it from getting much worse) and also GET REALLY GOOD SHOES. You know, supportive, non-heels, fit well. I was very skeptical that this would ehlp out that much, but that's what my chiropractor advised, and it's the only thing I've been doing differently that I know of that could have made the pain go away. My hip/pelvic pain has been totally gone for at least a week now I think! Maybe longer-- I lose track of time . . .

Oh, try for good posture, too. When you're in pain and limping, that can be hard though!
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Thank you so much for the recommendation to move with your knees together!! I've been moaning and groaning so much every time I have to get out of the couch and especially every time I need to turn over at night. Now when I wake up to turn over I bring my knees together and it helps so much!!

Apparently though I'm still moaning and grunting in my sleep, so my poor DH hasn't had any good sleep for a week now. He might end up having to sleep on the couch if we don't find a solution!!

I'm still hobbling around everywhere I go it seems, it gets better for a little while here and there for no apparent reason. I'm used to taking really long strides and walking quickly so this is really hard for me to get used to.

I read somewhere that pelvic floor exercises, Kegels basically, can be helpful with this sort of thing if you are able to do them so I'm starting to do those. Also Kegels are supposed to help with birth.
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I, too, am suffering from this terrible pain. It started right before Thanksgiving, so luckily it isn't too bad now. I've gone to see a chiropractor who seems very knowledgeable and nice, and I felt really good after the first app't. After the second app't, though, I felt much worse in that it seems to have triggered my sciatica. Of even more concern to me, is that since the second app't, my baby is hanging out often (not always) in a posterior position. I'm going to talk to my midwife about this tonight and discuss it with the chiro when I see her tomorrow, but I hope I can get rid of the pain and get the baby back into a consistent anterior position.

By the way, my midwife told me that the SPD often makes for a faster (though not necessarily easier) labor because you are already so relaxed and open in the pelvic area.

Also, no chiropractor I've ever seen has done an x-ray on me. If you're in an area where there are multiple practitioners, call around and see what your options are.
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My pain has gotten worse. I started wearing my special insoles (I used to use it only when I went running) and that's not helping. I've increased my Kegeling and that's still not helping. Now I'm drinking some pregnancy tea, hoping that might help. I thought I was handling this pretty well but apparently, according to DH, I'm crying in my sleep. Only a couple more weeks of pain, right??? I've started saying my "love mound" hurts....it makes me laugh. need to find the humor somewhere!
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