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Late here in chiming in but I also have this pelvic pain.

My pain is in front versus the hips. It also comes and goes but doesn't sound nearly as bad as some of you gals.

I guess I should be thankful but I still can't help being cranky about it.
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Never mind!
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I went to a chiro finally and it seemed to help at first... but then after my second appt. my "sciatica" (I don't know if that is what it is or not) seemed to get worse. I'm not going to go back. It isn't worth the money. I'll just ride this out for the rest of the pregnancy- at least I'm closing in on the finish!
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I've had this problem for awhile, it's improved during the day, so I can walk without wincing, just not too fast anymore. I miss my long legged fast stride. Anyhow, at night it's been keeping me up. My hips hurt on both sides, forcing me to keep turning over to relieve one side or the other at a time, and when i turn over I have this horrible pain in the joint at the very front center of my pelvic bone. It was interrupting my sleep so much, as well as DH's, that I finally gave in and took tylenol, two tablets of 325 mg. It doesn't last all night, but it last long enough for me to get some quality rest. I figure the baby needs me to sleep. My OB suggest tylenol pm, and if that didn't work benadryl, but those sound excessive to me.
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Originally Posted by Bluebird9 View Post
...when i turn over I have this horrible pain in the joint at the very front center of my pelvic bone.
I don't know if I posted this already or not, but someone here recommended that I wear really comfortable shoes instead of the heels I've been wearing to work every day. I've done it for two days now and the pain is getting more manageable...I don't know if it would work for the sciatica, but for the "crotch pain" it seems to help...

But I'm right there with you. Sleeping at night is the worst!
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justKate That's good that it's improving for you! I had it pretty bad during the day for awhile, it would hurt with every step, but then it just seemed to get better. I think sitting in my couch makes it worse. So if I move around and sit up straight it tends to help during the day. Nothing helps at night so far except tylenol. Really would rather not be taking it. I'm going to try to be good about doing pregnancy yoga, maybe that will help.

I keep telling myself it will only be a few more weeks till I get to sleep again. Because even if the kid wakes me up, and I have to sleep in fits and spurts, at least when I sleep it will be real sleep. If that's not the case don't tell me otherwise!
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