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Hello ladies, I have a question.....Update in post 22

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Hello, ladies! Thanks for taking the time to read my post-I really hope that I don't drive anyone nuts!

I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and (yep, it's one of *those* posts ) I am really wondering if we're having twins. For family history, as far as I know there are no twins on my mother's side, but we don't know about my dad's as he was adopted (fathers can pass the twin genes to their daughters, right?). However I am 6' tall, and overweight and consume a lot of dairy. I have a 3 year old ds, and a 1 year old dd, so I have gone through full pregnancy twice. And I have one of each gender, so that's not it.

This pregnancy has been very different:
*horrible morning sickness that was going strong until 18-20 weeks (with my dd I had almost no ms and with ds it was yucky but def. not THIS bad and both times anything i had was totally gone at around 12 weeks)
*Totally exhausted
*Super hungry
*super emotional
*feeling kicking very early (14 weeks?) and plenty of movement even before that.
*Feeling movement on oposite sides of my tummy at the same time (yesterday I felt kicking very low down and 1-3 seconds later felt kicking very high up-both were about the same strength...)
*Feeling that we're having twins (with ds within a few weeks of getting pregnant I *knew* we were having a boy, and with dd I *knew* we were having a girl. This time I've had no definite feelings gender wise, but *knew* we were having twins within a few weeks of getting pregnant. (I don't tend to take this too seriously though.)
*as of last MW visit I am measuring 4 cm ahead.
*at one MW appointment heard 2 heartbeats on top of each other that seemed too fast to be baby and me.
*cramping/painful BH since 21 weeks
*feeling like there are 2 heads or 2 butts sitting heavy on either side of my uterus.

I have been seeing a MW in a town about 1 1/2 hour drive from where I live. At my 9 week appointment with her we tried to hear the heartbeat, but didn't hear it. At 10 weeks I was so scared of having a m/c that I went to a pregnancy caring center that offers free services to women and I had an ultrasound done. This was preformed by a volunteer nurse and not a "professional" tech. She/we only saw one baby.

At my last visit with my MW she measured me and said, "that can't be right" and measured me again. Then she told me that I as measuring 29 weeks (I was 25w 1d at the time). I have NEVER measured that far ahead before. I know that there are a few different reasons besides multiples that would make me measure ahead. I go in to see her again in 2 weeks.

Now, I am NOT asking anyone to tell me if they think that I may or may not be having twins-I am not asking what my chances are and I am not asking one of you to tell me what only a U/S can tell me. I know full well that more than likely there is one baby in there and that I probably just have a ton of wishful thinking.

What I was wondering was this-if I keep feeling these "weird" movements and if at my next MW appointment I am still measuring so big or bigger and I do not have GD, should I have an U/S done (by a professional)? My dd was a c/s and I really, really, really want to have a vaginal delivery this time. I don't ever want to be cut open again. But around here, twins-esp. twins+previous c/s-means definite c/s. No other option. I would prefer to just have "surprise" twins at home.

But, I do know that there are risks with twins and I sure don't want anything bad to happen if there are two.

What do you think?

Thanks again ladies for putting up with me and listening to all of my rambling.
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Is your mw able to palpiltate your baby yet?

We found out we were having twins at an u/s at 18 weeks. I was measuring large for dates and had more morning sickness than I had with my singletons. We only heard one heartbeat at previous appointments, though.
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I had zilch morning sickness with my twins. Never threw up until about 30 weeks, after which there was a lot of pressure on my guts and associated pain. I also did not feel movement until later, even though I knew what it felt like from my firstborn. I think it was just how they were positioned or perhaps they just weren't as active as she was.

Did you ever carry transverse? My daughter was relatively large (9.5 lbs) and long, and transverse, which frankly was extremely uncomfortable. My twins were transverse as well, but they weren't as uncomfortable as she was (probably because they were significantly smaller even though there was two of them in there). I've heard the more kids you have the more likely you are to get someone who likes to be transverse. A big, highly active TV baby can be agony, at least it was for me. I felt like I had two bowling balls on each side of me with my daughter, her head and butt (and her feet digging into my ribs, and her hands punching me in the other ribs). With my boys literally you could see their head bumps on either side of me but it was not painful just very...odd looking.

As another poster has mentioned, if you're adverse to u/s then when the baby(ies) is/are big enough to be palpated, then you'll know.
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I never got sick with my twins...I had mild nausea in the first trimester but no vomiting. I guess it could just be one large baby though
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Interesting post. You either have twins or you don't. If not, an ultrasound isn't worth it. If you do, you might risk out of your midwife's services and it would become harder to have the natural birth you seem to want.

So what are the risks of having "surprise" twins? I am no expert, but here are my thoughts off the top of my head. You can eat as if you are having twins - lots of protein and water. Keep yourself healthy and see how you feel. Restrict activity if and when you need to. Ignore weight-gain guidelines for singletons. Others will know better than I do, but I think the two biggest risks of twin pregnancies are TTTS and preterm labor. The later will happen whether you know about the twins or not, so as long as you keep yourself as healthy as possible you'll be minimizing the risk as much as you can. TTTS might be managed if you know about the twins. Having not experienced it, I just don't know. In your shoes I'd research and decide.

Then there's labor. My understanding and experience was that the biggest risk was to the second twin once the first was born. With all the room in there, Baby B might move around and get caught in a cord. So, if you pull off a surprise twin pregnancy, I'd recommend two things. Check for a second heartbeat soon after your baby is born, and either sat upright so gravity helps Baby B decend and/or have an assistant push down on the outside of your belly externally to keep the baby in a good position.

Oh, and of course there is the concern about positions of twins before birth. If you go for a surprise twin scenario, I'd research "spinning babies" and do some exercises to encourage vertex-vertex.

It's a little wild, and there are risks you need to get better informed about.

Wishful twinning? Best of luck!
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Originally Posted by angie7 View Post
I never got sick with my twins...I had mild nausea in the first trimester but no vomiting.
No morning sickness here either.

I'd frankly rather know if I was having twins and make sure there aren't any issues than to find out at a home birth. But I'm probably in the minority here. I wanted a home birth and would do it with twins if I lived in a different area. Our local hospital is terrible. I'm still debating though, I may still have a home birth.
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I'd definitely want an ultrasound to know for sure! Then again, I'm 14 weeks pregnant (with twins) and I've already had a zillion ultrasounds, so I'm obviously in a more medicalized camp than many on these boards (though I'm still hoping for a natural, albeit hospital, birth).

But... your symptoms could indicate twins, but then again I've known a fair number of singleton moms in your boat as well-- with horrible m/s througout the entire pregnancy and sometimes measuring ahead. It seems like many of the twin moms I know were measuring much more than just 4 weeks ahead by the point your at. But still, to me, an ultrasound sounds like a good idea, if it were me.
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Well, it's really hard to tell. I had zero morning sickness with my ds and 2 hours of it (literally) with my twins. I measured SO far ahead the whole time it wasn't funny. I was in maternity clothes full time by the second trimester, was wearing maternity pants by 8 weeks.

Personally I'd want to know, just to make sure I was getting enough protein for twins and making sure the midwife would be able to deliver them. I had a ton of ultrasounds during my pregnancy, which turned out to be a good thing as I have one baby with a complex congenital heart condition. If she hadn't been diagnosed during pregnancy, we would have had a very scary time!

Good luck to ya, and update us either way
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It's a tough call, since chances are good it's not twins, and I can understand not wanting an ultrasound for a singleton (I didn't have one with DS1). But if it is twins, I really strongly believe that it's best to be monitored via u/s. I think the potential benefit of having an u/s outweighs the potential risks.

FWIW, I know a woman who thought up until birth that she was having twins and only delivered one baby. Obviously she never had an u/s. It was her 8th baby, too.

Good luck!
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I had my twins at home. i would not *plan* a homebirth without knowing for certain reality if i suspected twins. There are too many variables and there are circumstances where I would not birth them at home. I had no morning sickness, no big changes from my first pregnancy. We were surprised (I promised my DH we'd find out the sex of #2 years before hand) I was NOT happy when we found out it was twins. I was planning a second simple homebirth and I had problems finding a care provider but in the end had three midwives all with twin experience attend my birth. Where the is will there is way. If you are carrying twins there are a lot of things to consider RIGHT NOW. For instance have you read any of the material by Elizabeth Noble or Barbara Luke? They detail nutrition guidelines for carrying healthy twins to term. There are always things you can't plan or control, but i think knowledge is key. There are also a host of medical circumstances that could be goig on that don't involve twins. If you suspect an atypical pregnancy - I would have an ultrasound done and find out where you stand. BTW: I am a total non-interventionist. i had ZERO u/s's with my first and very limited with my twins. But I feel strongly that technology has a palce - you just have to be careful about what your practitionor does with the info. It worries me that your MW isn't concerned. I would she she would want to be prepared for the birth as well and counsel you through the pregnancy. A multiple pregnancy, even a low intervention naturally minded twin experience is a different journey with unique needs. You have to ask yourself "Am I comfortable with a less than ideal outcome for a homebirth (and possible health risk of momma and babies) when I knowlingly suspect something might be different?" You will have to answer that and live with the choice. Getting a one time ultrasound is the easy part...it's dealing with the subsequent info that will be the challenge.

Like I said I had my twins at home. I am NOT anti HB for twins - but i am WAY possitive for gaining all possible info and making an informed choice
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personally, if i had a strong suspicion of twins, i would get the ultrasound. reason being that if they're monoamniotic, you can potentially run into a lot of problems from what i hear... mine aren't, so i haven't done all the research, but i suggest looking it up.

i'm not trying to freak you out or bully you into anything... just wanted to throw that out there.
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I'm in the camp of thinking if you have a reason to suspect twins, it is worth finding out. While many people have great twin pregnancies and births, there are also real risks in a twin (or triplet) pregnancy (momo twins, TTTS, preterm birth) and an ultrasound is the only way to know for sure. There is useful medical information that you can receive that could help you make decisions on the rest of your pregnancy -- that's something I think of whenever facing any medical test.

Even if you had two vertex babes in their own placentas, you might want more midwives/support on hand for the birth, and might need more help after (esp. if you have older little ones).

One other thing -- it is *really* hard to eat all that protein. I don't know if it would be good to have that much if you were only expecting a singleton. I also wonder whether I could be that committed to it if I didn't know for sure.

So there you have it -- my two cents. I wonder if my extra caution comes from my twins sharing a placenta and so reading more about those risks? Anyway -- congrats on your pregnancy, and let us know when you find out (whether at an U/S or birth!)
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FWIW... I've read more than a few twin home birth stories of mamas who chose to go unassisted, either b/c they risked out of MW care or just b/c they knew that's what they wanted regardless. If you're healthy, or even if you're not comepletely according to an md, but live super close to the hospital I'd go for unassisted personally. And I'd go w/intuition and not a U/S. You need to take good care of yourself regardless, right? I wouldn't risk a U/S just to ease the suspense of not knowing.
Good luck whatever you choose!
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So FWIW, I had no nausea with my twins and lots with my singleton. My twins combined were not much bigger then my singleton was alone so I did measure ahead but barely. No one suspected I was having twins just by looking at me, I just looked pregnant. I felt movement at 13 weeks both pregnancies and my singleton moved WAY more then my twins. If you had a scan and saw one baby then I'd guess you probably are having a very active singleton, but if they were really really unskilled then maybe there is another hiding behind there. Personally I would not get a scan to confirm or deny twins. If you want a peaceful homebirth, just keep with the care you are getting. If you find out you are having twins then you may risk out of MW care and you risk a hospital birth. My twin pregnancy was supposed to be a midwife birth in a birth center and I risked out. I instead had a HIGHLY medicalized pregnancy and a c-section. The odds are if you are having twins it's fraternals and while there is increased risk for baby B, I personally feel they'd be at greater risk in a hospital as would you.
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You ladies are all so awesome! :

I know that more than likely this is just one baby in here. There are a handful of other things that I have had/have that have led me to wonder about twins. I just am pretty freaked out of having another c/s. I just recently got a copy of my c/s report to give to my midwife and I did NOT enjoy reading it-esp. reading about all the weird things they did without asking me or my husband. : I know that there was a gal about 3 years ago around here who was pg with twins and she could only find 1 hospital within a few hundred miles that would let her attempt a vaginal birth, and that would have cost $60,000+!!! She ended up doing an UC and everything went fine.

I guess part of my thing is that this pregnancy is so hard, kwim? I am SO sore, my pelvic area is all loosey goosey, my lower back aches, I have pretty intense BH almost daily, I am SO EXHAUSTED that I can barely get myself off of the couch sometimes, I feel (and look) HUGE...I feel 40 weeks pregnant, and I'm only 27 weeks along! I feel like such a wimp. Neither of my other full term pregnancies were anything like this bad. I feel embarrassed. So embarrassed.

My next visit with my MW is in 2 weeks. I may just see if she is working next week and try to go in then. I think that if I am still feeling like this (and I assume I will, as it has only been getting worse and worse) and if I still measure far ahead, (and if dh agrees) that maybe we'll see about getting an u/s and just make sure that everything is okay and that we know for sure how many babies we have and what's going on.

You ladies totally rock, you know that? It really takes a special kind of gal to carry multiples! Thanks so much for your encouragement and all the info!:
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Good luck, Cory! You HAVE to promise to update us in this thread about how it all turns out! I know I'm super-curious!
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This is coming from a mama who has had twins at home and had TTTS (twice.) I'd go with the u/s if you feel that there is a strong possibility of twins. I personally would NOT have a homebirth with twins without knowing whether they shared a sac or placenta.
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If you think twins are a real possibility I agree with the PP that you should have an u/s to rule out (or discover) the very real risks of twin pregnancy complications. You don't want your midwife surprised by a shared placenta.
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I was told it was two placentas, merged. It was one shared. U/S isn't going to tell you everything!

BUT definitely I preferred knowing or I would not have eaten enough protein, etc. And by 32 weeks measuring 40 I would've wondered about my dates being off.
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You could see if you can hear 2 heartbeats at the same time with 2 dopplers.

However, with twins I was feeling movement in 3 or 4 places at the same time, not just 2.

Also, a lot of the symptoms you have could indicate gestational diabetes (excessive amniotic fluid, hunger, etc.), or just a different pregnancy than your other 2. So, I would recommend another ultrasound to make sure. TTTS is nothing to mess around with!!
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