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Nakey Butt Time

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I want to start giving DS some naked time but I'm not sure exactly how to start off -- Is it okay to start now (we've only been ECing for a few days -- I've just been giving him opportunities every 30 minutes/hour depending on the time of day)? Should I put some shorts or something on him to avoid the spray if we do miss a pee? TIA for the advice!
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you can do naked time ANYTIME.
i just put DS on a blanket with a towel on top. or if i'm BFing him, just loosely drape a cloth over his wee parts and have a blanket on me in case he pees. worse case scenario baby pees and you wipe it up. once DS peed and it got on his face but he didn't seem bothered and we just wiped him off and that was that. so, i think naked time is pretty flexible.
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It might depend on why you want him to be naked. Alot use the naked time to understand signals better, so you can observe him right prior to and as he's eliminating. My DS was always good at signaling so we used naked time more for air (despite ECing he get's a rash), so I leave him naked after he goes so that he can play and I don't have as big of a chance for an accident. Also while nursing (since he doesn't go while nursing), but some babies do. Just start doing what ever is easiest for you.
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