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Originally Posted by ainh View Post
It's strange to me how many women say "I have a feeling he/she will come early"...especially on their first baby!!
I think this is funny too, I'm a FTM and I think this ones going to be late! I don't know why, and I guess we'll find out, but I think this one will wait till the 2nd week of January. Who knows, its really anyone's guess. I'm hoping baby comes on time though, the sooner it's here the older it will be when I have to start school again - so as long as its not a preemie (NO NICU PLEASE!!!!) - so the sooner it comes the better. But not until after finals are over and I've had time to rest! High hopes I know...
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I'm having twins and my calendar due date is January 9 but the 37 week due date (full term for twins) is December 20. I definitely do NOT want them to come earlier. First of all, anything prior to 37 weeks is "early" with twins even though they're both weighing over 5 pounds with 3.5 weeks to go, so I'm not worried there. But DH got a great job and is working through the 20th so I really need them to come after the 20th. They're not allowed. As if any child has ever listening to the needs of their parents.
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I would love sometime in January. My edd is the 27th, but we have some concerns with pre-e and other stuff. I am open to an early arrival, if that is what is safest given everything going on, I just hope that it isn't earlier than 37wks!

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As uncomfortable and crabby as I am, I'm hoping to go to about 41 weeks. I'm due 01/05 and I want this kiddo's b-day to be as far away from Christmas as possible. Having a November birthday myself, I know how much it sucks to have a birthday close to Christmas. Everyone is busy and distracted so they forget and, as a kid, I hated getting the dreaded birthday/Christmas combo present.

When I was pg with DD, for some reason I had convinced myself that I would deliver 12 days past my due date. I was so convinced that I'd go late, I didn't believe I was in labor 2 days after my due date until I was having regular contractions for several hours.
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no no no! This baby had better stay in there! I have so much to get done before my due date, including moving this weekend, and then the aftermath of that--settling in. It is getting more and more frustrating to me to hear people's unsolicited opinions about how my baby is coming early because it seems low. It's been low from the beginning and I really wish people would shut up--they don't know what they're talking about! I want this baby to be as healthy as it can be before coming out, which to me means as much time as it needs. Sure, I may be singing a different tune in a few weeks--I'm due 12/29 and like a PP said, I don't tell people my due date either--but for now I think dealing with a bit more discomfort is worth it if it means my baby will be at its healthiest when it comes.
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I'm techincally due Dec. 30 with a working due date of Jan. 2 becuase the MW office was full for Dec. and they could only take me with a Jan due date.

Anyway... I hope baby comes in January becuase of our school cut off dates. A January baby would mean a whole extra year at home with me. A December baby would mean that Sprout would be scheduled to start Junior Kindergarten at age 3.
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DH and I joke about wanting the baby to come before January 1st for the tax money. lol But honestly I'm good either way. DS was a 35w 5d baby, so anything past that I'm happy with.
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I'm so sick of being nauseated and throwing up, not being able to eat, having terrible heartburn and getting beat up by my baby, that YES, I want him/her to come early. Due date is 1/4, but I wouldn't mind any time after 37 weeks.

Yes, I want baby to be healthy and I want what's best for him/her, and what I want isn't going to change what's going to happen anyway, but this pregnancy has been hellish and I want to feel like a normal person again. I'm seriously about to lose my sanity.
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A week early would give me an inauguration baby. My midwives are cheering for it too!
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Originally Posted by Double Buckeye View Post
A week early would give me an inauguration baby. My midwives are cheering for it too!
That's what DH's hoping for if I don't have the baby before the first, since my due date is 1/19 lol
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I had already answered, and truthfully my answer is the same-- as long as he comes out healthy I'll be happy. But can he please be healthy and ready a little early? My belly is already so sore and uncomfortable and I'll only be 34 weeks tomorrow-- another 6 weeks until my due date!! Goodness, can you even move at 40 weeks?!

Probably not helping that I have a cold and every cough and sneeze pulls my belly.

A December baby would mean a tax deduction which would be nice come tax time but unfortunately for us it would also mean larger health insurance withdrawals from the paycheck at the end of December and dh's raise doesn't come until the paycheck at the end of January. The tax deduction is obviously a lot more money but our December 31st paycheck is already going to be tight because my health insurance rates go up for the new year, adding another dependent in that check will make it a very tight month for us.
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I answered before and I still agree--I'd like baby to come as soon as it's safe. I just don't feel like this baby needs much longer to cook. With DD, I had no sense of urgency like I have with this one. I had a sense of 'baby's coming' that started at 38 weeks--this one started at 32 weeks, so I'm using that as my sense of when baby should come. But I'm hoping baby waits until 37 weeks. I'd like a little baby this time, but not TOO little. I miss how much I loved being pregnant just a little over a month ago. And we could use the tax break, definitely.
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Everyone at work has now started crossing their fingers I go on the 30th or 31st for the tax break.

I had my shower this weekend and my cousin actually had the nerve to tell me I should talk to my care provider about scheduling an induction to get the tax break. My other cousin was standing with me and we both just looked at her appalled and said that is incredibly selfish. I really felt for my other cousin becuase her baby boy came early and had to spend time in the NICU so for her to hear of people purposely having babies early for no other reason than to get the tax break really hurts her.

I told Kallie she has my full blessing anytime after 37 weeks. Which is next weekend! :
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