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She nursed longer than I did with my twins. I wish I had known about MDC, LLL, etc, back then... oh well. At least I didn't vax or circ, right? LOL.

But yes, she definitely had the resources -- money AND time -- to get help continuing bf'ing if she really wanted to. Which is kind of disappointing that she didn't want to continue.

I see that on one hand, she DID nurse twins, which may prove to some people that OMG it CAN be done! I did like the cover of W magazine with the pic of her bf'ing. However, the converse is that those same people who do what celebs do (or take it as gospel) see that she stopped at 3m.

Don't even get me started on 100% formula feeder Jennifer Lopez and her quote about her twins, "You read the books and make the best decisions." In what book does it say formula is best?