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11 bushels of apples on the wall, 11 bushels of apples...

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you take one down and pass it around...

Do you have any idea how many apples that is? Hundreds, maybe thousands.

So a friend who's family owns an orchard offered to drp off a few 'bins' of apples. The bins, 6 of them, turned out to be about 3'x4'x4'. And most of the apples were fine. (they were supposed t obe for our pigs.)

I would up taking about 11 bushels for the house. I have 2 gallons of dreid apple rings, about 10 pints of sauce to can tomorrow, and many more jars. I plan on making juice and jelly, spiced rings, roll-ups, maybe an apple relish. Any oher idea?

Anyone want some apples?
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apple sauce? apple butter?? They're both super easy, especially if you have a food mill. Thats crazy though... crazy lot of apples!! I did about 2 bushels worth of apple sauce (28ish quarts) and then another 1/4-1/2 bushel in apple butter... but geese, 11 bushels???
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apple pie filling (canned or frozen)
frozen apple slices or canned apple slices for baked dishes (puffy apple oven pancakes yummmm)

I've also heard you can keep apples fresher longer if you wrap them in newspaper and store in a metal container in a cool location. I've also heard you can freeze apples whole without any preparation however I've never tried this so i dont' know from experience. Supposedly the only downfall to this is that the apples brown quicker when peeled and they dont have the same 'fresh' taste or texture.
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I second the apple butter. Yummy on toast!
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Put a few apple pies in the freezer for winter if you have space. Pull them out and bake.
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wow, thats alot of apples! if you dont think you'll get to them in time, peel core, and thinly slice em up and put in ziploc bags, write how many cups on each bag, then when you need them you can pull them out and use them for pies or whatever.
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Wow!!! I am so jealous. I think you'll be set on apples for the winter

ETA that it's really nice to see you around here again Red!
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my mom kept our tree's apples in the extra fridge. she got shallow boxes from costco, put a layer of apples in, then put a thin towel on top. we still had last year's apples come june the next year.

of course, if you are in a cold area, you could probably just store them in a cellar type location.

Apple juice takes up a lot of apples. My mom regularly did that with her champion juicer (the apple bits went to the chickens). Plus, the apple juice is really great for mild constipation. :-)
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Ahh, thanks all, for all the ideas. So far. I have apple jelly and I plan to make more, it was very easy, spiced apples, apple sauce, apple juice and assorted varieties of dried apples.

I had a neighbor come take a bushel or so today. Lots, sadly, will go to the compost, as some of them had frozen before I got them. However, every apple saved is a victory!::

I can't believe I haven't made apple crisp yet!

I have anidea for a root cellar made from a 55 gallon plastic drum, I'll let you know if it works.

annethcz, thanks! Life has just been busy and strange. I miss my buddies and our discussions, and I miss picking everyone's brains. Still being frugal? (As if I have to ask)
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heh, heh... still frugal... I'm not sure how to answer that. I do my best to make good decisions, but I also allow myself little luxuries so that I won't feel like I need BIG luxuries

I thought of you this weekend. We went to my grandparents' house for Thanksgiving. My grandma sent me home with 10 quarts of canned apples. She'd been blessed by friends, but there's no way that she and my grandpa would eat all of that food this winter, and she didn't want it to go to waste. I'm not sure what I'll do with the canned apples- applesauce? pie? apple crisp? Just eat the apples plain as a sidedish with lunch like grandma does? So many options....
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being that ive been getting half pecks at 12-14 depending on size and its 8 of those on one bushel....about a hundred per bushel. dang thats a lot of apples! have fun whatever you do! my kids would have them gone in a month without mee doing anything with them if theyd keep lol\

the canned ones id make a couple into spiced apples.. yuuum!!
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Wow! I just have to say that I'm jealous
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