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Birth Project

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What's your birth project to get you through those first hours/contractions? I'm looking for ideas.
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Myne was sleeping! It was the second time my labor started in the wee hours of the AM.
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This is my first so I'm not sure how I will be... BUT if I am awake, I was thinking I could finally put my pictures in my photo albums. I had bought all this scrapbooking stuff but then changed my mind and bought a regular album. I figure putting pictures into picture sleeves is easy and since I have a ton, that should take some time. I might even label them!

I will be giving birth at the hospital and it is probably, at most 3 miles away, so I'd like to stay home for as long as possible!
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If it's in the daytime, I imagine my project is going to be just taking care of the children as usual. Homeschooling my oldest, and just really going about my business of the day.

If it's at night . . . sleep!
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If I am behind on house cleaning, I think I'd do some quick wiping and dusting and such. If I'm caught up, I might enjoy a baking project--like our little one's birthday cake!
If it is evening, DH and I might play a game, watch a favorite movie, or go out for a little while.
Of course, if it is night, I will definitely try to sleep!

My mom, though, never had a slow start to her labors. It was a couple of irregular contractions then 2 minutes apart and pretty serious from then on. She was in labor 9, 4, and 3 hours with her children. It's hard to know what to expect with my first, but I'm trying to keep an open mind.
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I was just thinking about this too! I thought if it happens to be during the week or so before Valentines Day it would be fun to make sugar cookies to decorate with the kids. Cleaning would probably be a good idea too since my house can always use it and my parents will be coming up to take care of my LOs. I could set up the air mattress for them, write out notes about the kids schedule, etc. I've always loved the idea of baking the baby a birthday cake too!
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Bake cookies to leave here at the house for my mom and daughter, and some to take to bribe the nurses at the birth center.
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Baking sounds like a good idea. I think I might make a casserole and dessert if there is time.
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Our project will be getting to where we're having our 'home' birth at my sister's house!
We have a three hour drive, on a snowy, dangerous highway ... plus we have to pack up the dogs and bring them with us. I think that will keep me busy.

I love the idea of a birthday cake for baby ... I think I'll solicit my mom to do that once she gets there.
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During the night: try to sleep. During the day: going for a long walk and maybe baking. I can't believe it's so soon!!
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Personally my labors were pretty quick so I fear starting any more involved project would not be wise! I'd end up with some mess in the kitchen or something

So for me it will be something like taking a short walk, soaking in a tub, having my daughters read to me, doing a puzzle or watching a light movie with them... that is if everything is "Ready" for the birth - some of it will be getting the birth supplies ready, straightening up the house etc.

I remember having contrax in the grocery store the first time when I went to stock up on snacks. That wasn't exactly fun.
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My contractions started off long, strong, and close together. It was all I could do to stay focused. I'm hoping this labor goes even faster, so I'm not really planning anything for labor. Then again I could get lucky and be one of those in labor for days...
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MomtoXane- me too. I've never had a labor that didn't start of with water breaking and hard contractions every minute or minute and a half apart. So just getting through is enough for me to deal with!
I was just thinking maybe this time I'd have one of those mellower, longer labors- I guess I'd bake bread or go for a walk or something. Or you know, clean the house and take care of kids....
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My uterus and I have been chatting, and I'm not going to need a labor project this time, because we're going to have a fast labor for a change. (DD and DS were both over 24hr labors)

I do, however, always have cookie ingredients on hand, and I bet showing up at L&D with fresh cookies would help me get one of the two rooms with tubs.
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Since it only took me 3 hours to get to transition with ds2 (never laboured with ds1) after a few early contraction, I doubt I'll have time for a project. I think I'll have just enough time to fill the birth pool & get in. If things start a lot slower than I'm expecting, I might try the 'make cookies until you burn them, then you know you're in labour' method.
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"Our project will be getting to where we're having our 'home' birth at my sister's house!
We have a three hour drive, on a snowy, dangerous highway ... plus we have to pack up the dogs and bring them with us."

Be Careful!!! I drove to a homebirth when I was 32wks preggers, in a rain storm with flooding. Fortunately my Honda CRV had a whooping 2 wheel drive :
(They were an AMAZING teenage couple who wanted to homebirth with their family- I couldn't say no)
I hope you have a SAFE journey to your homebirth, I would kiss your sister if I knew her! I wish more extended families would support us homebirthers!!
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I love to braid my locs, put on something pretty, and make soup that will take all day. First kid I did that and went grocery shopping, picked up dvd's to rent, cooked dinner for the midwives, went for a walk, knit a scarf- the birth was 36hrs with a 2hr break (no cts) The second baby, I put the tea pot on for some tea, walked to the guest room and woke up my friend/midwife- he was born in 2.5hrs. I never did get my cup of tea, but we managed to fill the bathtub!!!
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If I have time I think I'll knit a baby hat. I decided to get something started on my needles so I could just knit away. The problem is that once I get something started I'll probably not wait for labor and end up finishing it! Maybe I'll make that my waiting for labor to start project!

I want to bring treats to the nurses in the hospital too so maybe my mom and I should make some cookies. I think I'll put some other goodies together too in case I don't have time to bake. I still want to give them something yummy.
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I'm so sad I won't have a chance to even consider a labor project. I won't be experiencing any labor with this baby. Normally I'd bake, sometimes bread or cookies but once I made a cheesecake.
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Oh you girls are crafty. I will have to think of something to do. My housework is so far behind right now. I am soooooo sleepy all of the time lately.
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