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Happy, happy! Joy, joy!

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Just got back from my u/s and my placenta has moved!!! : I'm so thrilled and relieved. It's only 3 cm away from the cervical os but that's far enough they say. And it has moved 4.5 cms in the past 9 weeks so I figure it will probably move some more over the next 3 months. Anyways, I am cleared to VBAC with my midwife out-of-hospital!!!! (Barring anything else coming up ). Thanks to all of you who prayed for me and sent your positive thoughts. I was really preparing myself for disappointment and am just so happy that it went the other way!
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That's awesome! Did you have complete previa at your earlier u/s or partial? I had complete previa at 21 weeks and I find out in 2 more weeks (at 30 weeks pregnant) if it's moved. I hope I have the same wonderful results you did!
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WHOOOHOO!!! I am so happy for you!
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Congrats, Clovermom, that's wonderful news!
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Great news mama!
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Fantastic news!!!!
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Congrats!! That is wonderful news.
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DDC crashing, but I had to say congrats! I'm happy for you, and I hope your VBAC goes perfectly!!
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