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Iron to prevent PPD?

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I just heard of this from one of my friends...I'm nearly always borderline anemic and after DS was born I was prescribed iron, but, I didn't take it and I ended up with PPD (I'm just not weening off my meds b/c of the pregnancy). I know birth is a long way away, but, I'm planning to talk to my MW about this when I see her and wonder if anyone else has heard of this? I REALLY don't want to go through PPD again.

Oh yeah, she says you are supposed to take it both during and after pregnancy.
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I have not heard iron specifically, though it would stand to reason that if you are anemic/tired you would have a more difficult time dealing with your life in general. The vit's/minerals I have specifically heard of being helpful for avoiding/reducing PPD are the Bs, magnesium, and zinc. I'll be interested to know what your mw says.
Another mama from MDC Gale Force has done a lot of research on this subject.
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