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I'm proud

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this is a participation thread, so add your comments!

I'm proud of my amazing, natural, drug-free birth and the fact that I put 9 ounces on my baby girl with my breastmilk alone in 6 days. If something goes wrong and I have to stop BFing now, I've had 9 great days of normal BFing, which is more than I ever had in 16 months with K.

It's your turn...
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I am so proud that dd is adjusting so well to Anders. All of a sudden, she wants to sleep in her own bed. Hasn't ask to nurse hardly at all b/c she knows I was making special milk(colostrum) for Anders. I thought she was weaned, but she has taken about 1 minute of sucking twice now.

I am proud that so far, I feel good emotionally. But still very aware that ppd could rear its ugly head.
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i am proud that i was able to have a wonderful home birth and that i have had 3 weeks of successfully parenting the way i had planned (AP)
i think i may have converted my mom as a believer in natural attachment parenting and cloth diapers and at Zoey's 2 week check she had gained a whole pound just from booby!!
i know its still early in the game but i really am feeling good and i love being a mommy!!! i want at least 3 more!:
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I'm proud that despite a breast reduction, a baby who won't suck once he's latched, and yeast, I've given my baby 3 weeks of breastmilk.

I've also managed to juggle our lives to keep my big kids from feeling too neglected, and we've had something for dinner every night (it might be waffles, but we are eating!). It's definately different having the third baby without much support from friends and family and a husband who works 5 10 hour shifts a week, and an extra job on Sundays.
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I'm proud of DH and I for delivering our baby alone, even though that wasn't the plan. There was a lot of rising to the occasion in our house when our girl was born.
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I am proud of my natural vbac! I am proud that at 5 days old DD passed her birth weight, plus some - yay mama milk! I am proud of my 3 yo - she is such a sweet big sister
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nakking I'm proud I gave birth naturally and at home ( oh and to that one old/ex friend who called me a homebirth phony)

and that my little man has gained 3 pounds in 3.5 weeks just on mama milk!!!!!!!
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I'm so proud of my 1.5 hour natural home/waterbirth!
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