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Freelance rates?

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Hello writing mamas!

I have the opportunity to do some freelance work for a new parenting website. I am new to freelance writing (I am a freelance editor as well), so I am not sure what a reasonable wage would be for this. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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In euro's

For some of my work I get paid 20 euro's for the first 300 words + abstract + extended title. Between 330 and 600 words I get 4 eurocent per word. I don't get anything extra above 600 words. These are articles that I generally have to do 30-40 minutes of research for to get them into the right format.

I hope that this is useful.
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the one time i got to come up with my own salary, i told them $3 a paragraph. i might have undersold myself. not sure. i based it on what i was getting paid on another site, which was $3 a post (short paragraphs.) i'm always curious about what i should charge too, but i haven't had to figure it out. the job i'm doing now pays per post again.
what i'm saying is that if you have been paid at a previous job and were happy with that rate, quote that. base it on the amount of research you'll have to do. you don't want to waste your time. figure out how many hours you'll spend doing research and writing and come up with a number that makes it worth your time. i'm mostly happy to make spending money and to be writing but it is a nice bonus to make some good $$.
by the way, congrats!!!
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