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Unisex nursery decoration ideas?

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I was googling online to get some ideas for unisex nursery room for my twins.. I found several good ideas.. but I was wondering if any one of you know any excellent website with good nursery ideas?

Thanks in advance,

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I don't have any website ideas, but I'll tell you what I did

I didn't buy a "set". At BRU, they have seperates that you can mix and match. I bought very soft Carter's bumpers that are a soft green with raised (same color) dots. Then I bought sheets that have different color green and brown polka dots. I have a striped crib skirt. Very cute!
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craftster.org has a interior decorating section and there are nurseries there, sorry it has been months since I've visisted, so no link. Might try martha stewart's website for ideas too. We did a jungle/safari theme, but like pp, not into matchy-matchy. Then ds moved into a different room (the office). I am in the process of doing maps/globes for his room.
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I have boy/girl twins and think my nursery is gender neutral and adorable. We have white funiture (cribs, dresser/changing table), khaki walls, a khaki chair, and chocolate brown & white plka dotted crib skirts and curtains. I use either brown or khaki crib sheets. Their names hand above their beds in brown painted letters. Boy's letters are hung with blue ribbon and girl's with pink. I also have their newborn footprints framed in pink or blue above the heads of their beds. I had a friend do my crib skirt and curtain sewing, but BRU has a bedding set that is similar.
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Nice descriptions of your nursery.

I'll look into those places you gals suggested.
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A couple of ideas I had are teddy bears, raggedy ann and andy, Winnie the Pooh, or jungle animals. I don't have twins, but my DS and DD do share a room. Their room is painted a peachy yellow color with white trim. The hardwood floor has those multicolored mats that puzzle together to cover it. DS is into trains so he has a primary colors Pottery Barn Kids quilt on his bed and his name done in primary colors. DD has her name in wooden letters above her bed in pastels and has a pastel quilt (pinks, light blues, yellows). I find for them it works well together and leaves us one extra room for the grandparents that come to visit a lot. Good luck!
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no twins here, but ds and dd (will) share a room. the walls are a sage green. our furniture is black and the bedding is black and white. I use just a bit of red as an accent color. i have simple artwork in black and white in black frames and their initials in wood painted black, hung over their beds. I love the room, and we were able to put together their "furniture set" by painting it all black. curtains are white. best part is, it will be super easy to sell as an office when we put our house on the market next year.
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