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So I have been reading here and have decided to start a raw food diet for my dog. He has constant ear infections and is constantly itchy and smelly. I feel so bad for the poor guy and have been trying different foods which seemed to work, but only for a couple months maybe. So most likely the improvement was the antibiotics, steriods and ear drops the vet prescribed.

Now, i'm gonna stay away from the meds for a bit and just start doing raw food. My only problem is that it is sooooo expensive. I went to the gricery store today and they are ordering me a case of chicken backs for 99 cents a pound and they didn't have much else. I found pork hocks for about 2 dollars a pound. My dog weighs almost exactly 60 pounds so I think i'll start him on 1.5 pounds per day. That will add up pretty quickly.

So what else can I ask the butcher for? The only one in town is at the grocery store and they won't give anything away, even garbage scraps. It is hunting season though. Is there usually anything left over from a deer that isn't used? (yes I am totally clueless. lol) What should I be asking hunters for?

Also, I give mt dog benadryl in the pill form. How can I get him that without putting it in some sort of treat to trick him in to eating it?

Thanks in advance!