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^ To be honest, I'm in NO hurry to do this all again. We had always planned a larger age gap... and now I really want one b/c I'll need some time for Mommy amnesia to kick in! It's not that the experience has been bad in any way... just very intense.
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I'd give birth and have a baby again in a heartbeat--but I never want to be pregnant again. I really hate being pregnant. And we don't have room for another kiddo anyway (800 sq ft condo that has lost a lot of value recently so no chance of moving into something bigger for a looong time).
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5 weeks here on Sunday. Dh is really interested in all of the nursing bra fun going on, but I'm nervous, and am anxiously awaiting my 6 week check on Dec. 2. We DTD at 5 weeks after DD was born, but that was after a c/s, and there was definitely no second degree tearing. It's an odd configuration down there and I want to make sure all is well before doing anything. I'm still spotting every other day, so that's no fun.

The IL's want to get us out of the house while we're at their house and get their hands on the baby, while we would just like to get our hands on each other, and want nothing to do with a movie or dinner or anything.
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Not ready to DTD yet here. I really hurt after dd1 was born, so I'm not looking forward to it.
ah yes, bringing back memories. i forgot how much DTD hurt the first few times after DS.....not really from my tear, but from being so dry. even using stuff to help didn't help much......it felt so weird. ugh. but at least i know this time! and DH was soooooo patient with me after the first kid.
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