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The scariest thing...LONG

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I was at the mall the other day with DD, and she was having a meltdown because I would not give her a quarter for candy. As I was reasoning with her, this perfectly normal looking man came over and said'' You should give her what she wants, because any minute she could be taken from you''. Of course, I grabbed DD and walked away. Next we go to Target, where I wrestle DD into a cart. We are shopping, and she is doing the ''Why, why why'' thing. I finally reply, after answering many questions, ''I don't need to give an explaination for things ALL the time!'' This same creepy freak pops out from the aisle in front of us and says ''Yes you do, because she could be kidnapped tomorrow, and you will wish you did''. That was it. I roughly pushed past him, going to the checkout, where I reported him. The clerk called over the manager, who notified security. They told me this guy had been in there every day for the last two weeks, but they did'nt do anything because he had'nt bothered anyone. We debated the merits of calling the police, but decided against it because it was his word against mine, and right or wrong, he was a 50-something guy in a suit, and I was a heavily tattooed chick in a t-shirt. So after giving security a report, I went out to the car to leave. I put the stuff in the trunk, and strapped DD in the car, locking the door before opening mine. I look behind us, and two cars down is the SAME scary freak watching us. At this point, I have had it. I double checked the door locks, set the car alarm, put my gun in the holster(yes, I have a gun, yes I carry, but it is perfectly legal, for work, and I don't carry when I have my kids, so don't flame please) and marched over to him. I made sure that just a bit of the gun showed under my jacket, and calmly told him that if he continued to harrass and stalk me we where going to have a big problem. He eyed me, and the gun, and nodded. I jumped in the car and took off, and promptly drove for and hour or more all over town to be sure we were'nt followed. Once again, I understand not all of you would have done what I did, but I did it and don't want any flames. I just wanted to share my story, since I am still terrified about it.
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Omgosh! That is very scary! Sounds like he is off his rocker. I wonder if maybe he had a child kidnapped at some point or if he's just a nut ball. Scary, either way!
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I would definitely be freaked out.

That is the strangest series of events I have heard. I would have probably called the police. Especially after he followed you to your car. Creepy.
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Holy crap. You have more guts than me, woman. That is some seriously scary and disturbing stuff. I'm glad you are safe, but I would be a mess thinking about that person lurking somewhere.
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Oh how scary! I probably would have reported him to the police at that point! I'm glad you are all okay though...
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how terrifying! i am shaky just from reading it!
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I'm sorry you had to experience that and you felt like the security did not take you seriously because of your tatoos, how insulting.

I hate to be alarming but since he followed you from one store to the other, is it possible he took your license plate information and might try to seek you out again? He seems like a total creep.
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I got goosebumps reading that.
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You should've done the police report.

And I don't blame you ONE bit for showing him you meant business.

What a creep!
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This is very scary and disturbing. I'm glad you are okay and I think you did the right thing scaring him off like that and driving around so he can't follow you and find out where you live!!

Please report him to the police, and give a full description. I say this because just over a month ago a mom on our local homeschool group was followed out of a park by a creepy guy. TWO days later a little girl went missing, she was found later, alive, but had been sexually assaulted. They caught the guy and IT WAS THE SAME GUY WHO HAD FOLLOWED THE HOMESCHOOL MOM AND KIDS OUT OF THE PARK.

This guy is out to get a little girl and he won't stop until he does. Please report this before something happens to an innocent little girl!
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I understand what you guys mean about the police report. I am sure Target did one, so I am going to get a copy of thiers and do a police report. Also, it is possible that he got the plate, but I have warned my kids and nieghbors, and we are keeping a lookout.
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Oh my God!!!

I am so sorry. That is so, so scary. Holy crap. And in that area? I mean, it isn't heaven but it just isn't DC, you know? Wow. I am so glad you and Raina were ok!! There are some creepy, creepy people around.

You have balls. You know I'm not a gun fan but I sure am glad you had it around that day.

I really hope Target did file a report and if you see him again I'd call the police ASAP. I'd also make sure the older kids know what he looks like, so they can run the other way if they are outside or at school.
Also, don't let your (gorgeous) appearance stop you from calling the cops on anyone. You are just as much a member of the community as anyone else and anyone worth their badge knows it!

On a totally personal note, send me a PM or call me again because I can't find your new number and yours didn't show up for some reason when you called.
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Wow, that is terrible. I am glad you are ok.
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I made sure the other kids knew right away, and like I said, I am going to do the report thing. I just tried to call and it went right to voicemail, but I;ll PM you with the number now. Thanks to everyone for your support.
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Originally Posted by JennaW View Post
I hate to be alarming but since he followed you from one store to the other, is it possible he took your license plate information and might try to seek you out again? He seems like a total creep.
That's *exactly* what I was just thinking. And would be worrying about it from then on...
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That is the scariest thing I've heard in a long time.

I am SO glad that you guys are ok.
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geez mama, how scary. It does sound like he is lurking around with bad intentions and that the interaction he had with you could be a prelude to an attempt at kidnapping a child. I, too think you should file a police report and I think you did the right thing by being tough-- I just worry for the mama's who aren't tough and don't have a weapon. I got goosebumps all over me reading this thread.

Zoe, mama to Thomas 1/06
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Wow, glad you're ok!
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Wow... how frightening!! I'm glad you are okay, and I'd follow through with the report as you mentioned.
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