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You did a good job momma bear!

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Please do file a report! When my son was 2.5 years old someone attempted to take him from a library playgroup. I was scared to file a report because I thought maybe I was overreacting (I was trying to justify, like maybe the guy had though DS was lost or something but I KNEW that wasn't the truth). Anyways I did call and make the report and they found the guy. They weren't able to do anything because technically "nothing happened," but they did run him out of town. I think you reacted the right and I think you should now follow it up with the report.
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screw the gun! I'm surprised your didn't slug him! I would have been drug in for assault after the 2nd creepy comment!

sorry mama.
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Wow, very scary. Good for you for approaching him in the parking lot! You had much more restraint in the store than I would have though. I'm pissed at Target for not making a bigger deal out of it, they should have immediately called the police and the guy should have been restrained and not been able to follow you out to your car. Be careful, hopefully since you looked him in the eye and he knows you know very clearly what he looks like he won't bother you again, but I worry about others.
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Oh good lord I wanted to. Had it not been for the fact that I was afraid DD or another LO would see it, my husband would be posting here telling this story and asking if anyone could spare some money for bail, and if you guys could be character witnesses.
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Good for you! What a very, very scary thing to have happened! Please be careful and very alert!
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How Scary!!! but you were awesome. I would of done the same thing. I could not allow a person like that to harrass and follow me especially when it had to do with my child and get away with it.
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Report that to the police. I'm sure Target has him on the cameras.
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Did you get his license plate #?

I'd definitely report it to the police!!
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Wow, how scary!!!! :

You did good Mama!!!!
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Ok, that is very scary...I read your post in Tribe areas...we go to that mall so that terrifies me... I think you handled it very well....
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Wow! I got goosebumps on my skin just reading that. He's definitely not up to anything good. You were very strong in a very scary situation.

You're doing the best thing for other kids in the area by following up with a report. Stay strong mama.
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That is too scary! I am so glad you're safe!!

Cee :
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Holy crap, I'd be a gibbering idiot if that happened. Good for you mama, keep those kids safe.
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im with the pp that said she would have slugged him... except i have no mercy what so ever and would have kicked his man parts up to eyeballs.

i agree file a report.. that guy is bat sh!t crazy.. more so than your average whacko since he pretty much told you he was trying to kidnap your kid.

o and i think i <3 you husband.. i'd be a character witness!

not to add to the trauma.. but.. like someone else said about the license plate.. was that the first day you had seen him? i only ask b/c it is odd that he followed you and talked to you.. usually its one or the other...
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Originally Posted by JennaW View Post

I hate to be alarming but since he followed you from one store to the other, is it possible he took your license plate information and might try to seek you out again? He seems like a total creep.
I had the same awful thought too.

Please be safe mama. Be extra vigilant at home. I don't know if your daughter goes to daycare or a babysitter but I would be alerting them as well. We don't know if this creep has been scoping your DD out for a while.
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Originally Posted by BookGoddess View Post
I had the same awful thought too.

Please be safe mama. Be extra vigilant at home. I don't know if your daughter goes to daycare or a babysitter but I would be alerting them as well. We don't know if this creep has been scoping your DD out for a while.
this is what i was thinking. your average creepy dude doesn't generally follow you from place to place ... and stalkers usually take awhile (if ever) to talk to whomever he is stalking (or in this case her mother) so i am a little concerned he may have been stalking you dd prior to you seeing him. obviously he may just be a nut who followed you to target... but he may not be.
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OMG that totally had me freaked out i would have callied the police cause he acts like a guy who will/might try and kidnapp a kid or has ur plate number

i would say keep ur little girl close to u for a while dont let ur guard down
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This is very scary, I also agree that this person should be reported and asap. This seems above and beyond the regular creepy guy at the mall, he seems like a full blown stalker. I would also be concerned about him having a plate#, the guy sounds like a freaking whack job. I also don't like the sounds of him hanging in the Target every day for 2 weeks, it sounds like he is scoping for a child to take from a frazzled mom or something. I am speaking from having a crazy freak who really scared me about 8 years ago, the guy would come into the bar I worked at and would do nothing but stare and say weird stuff to me, I always had someone walk me to my car when I'd leave. I told DH about it and then didn't see the guy for awhile. One night he was at a different bar and DH was with me, when we left the crazy dude followed me out, DH stopped to talk to a friend. I jumped in our car and locked the door, and he came up to the car trying to talk to me knocking on the window. DH came unglued and told him if he EVER spoke to me again he would f-ing kill him. I have never heard DH say anything like that ever and I truly believe he would have.

*side note* this guy had been a counselor at our local HS and had been run out of town for objectionable behavior toward female students, I found this all out after my experiences. He is still in education, freaky.

Just please contact the police with a description, this guy sounds very dangerous. You did awesome with the situation though.
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How scary!!
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