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Pregnancy and Roller Coasters

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Does anyone have the reasons pregnant women cannot go on roller coasters? I understand why it would be bad for a 38 week pregnant woman to go on a roller coaster but I’m talking about 4-8 weeks pregnant. I have heard a few pregnant women over the past couple weeks tell me they went on rides when they were 6-8 weeks pregnant and they didn’t know at the time and now feel like they harmed the baby. I tried to reassure them but I honestly don’t know what harm that could cause.

It must be the area we live in that I run into this question so often

Any ideas? I don't want to scare them but it would be nice to know what harm it can cause so early in the pregnancy.
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I think a lot of it has to do with liability. Say a woman in early pregnancy goes on a roller coaster and miscarries the next day - she may try to blame the amusement park, theoretically... I don't know if that has ever actually happened (that they got blamed), but that's the kind of thing they worry about.
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That is a good thought.

I was thinking yesterday maybe this has to do with the G force? Could that cause harm to a baby?

I know roller coasters jerk you around and are pretty bumpy but will that really hurt a 6 week pregnancy? I doubt it.

hmmm anymore thoughts?
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If the baby isn't implanted deeply enough it is possible for the pregnancy to get knocked out of place and cause the mama to miscarry.

If those women haven't yet they should be ok.
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The other thing I would say is just plain comfort. With pregnancy beyond a few weeks women often report that their joints are laxer and that they can get out of alignment easier. With the jolts and shakes of a roller coaster, it may mean pain for pregnant folks. I don't think that roller coaster riding, and the physical demands on the body, have been well-studied in pregnancy, if at all. All I can say is that it's a man-made phenomena and I'm not sure that the amazing design of the pregnant body was made to withstand the unique pressures! Saying that, like most things, moderation is the key, probably.
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I don't have any science for you, but I did ride a couple of really fierce roller coasters a few days before I found out I was pregnant (had no idea) and my daughter is perfectly healthy and actually a little advanced developmentally---I joke with my friends who were with me at the theme park that she caught the speed!

I think before you know you are pregnant, the fetus is so well protected. Later in pregnancy the high speeds, g-force, upside down motions, etc. are best avoided mostly on the unknown risks. It's a huge liability issue, for everyone involved.
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