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How are you, tandeming mamas?

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We are doing okay, but sometimes I truly feel like a cow... dd2 is only 19 mo, so it is no easy to tell her to wait a little bit. Ds is nursing well, his latch is always perfect!
For me it is still easier to nurse them separately, but I am still trying to nurse them together, working on positions.
I try to focus on the good things: 2 happy nurslings, great milk supply, etc. ...
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I was wondering about this as well. So, thanks for posting clavicula!

The last time DD nursed, my water broke(11/9). She has latched on about twice since then, but no real nursing. It is like she forgot how to nurse. I am soooo ok with her being done. And she seems fine with it as well.
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going well I only nurse them together about twice a day though.
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DD2 is still at my parents house until Sunday since I had a c-section. I tried to get her to nurse in the hospital when they came up, but I think she was too freaked out seeing me all hooked up to monitors (I was in ICU for my heart). She said she wanted milk, but then she would only snuggle next to me on the bed. I talked to her last night on the phone, and she said she really wants milky. So, we will see how things go on Sunday. She has been away from me for extended periods of time and returned to nursing immediately, so I am not concerned there. kwim
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DD just nursed the first time today since last week. I thought she might not remember how to latch, but she did just fine. She loves that I have milk again!
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I've been waiting for someone to start a tandem nursing thread here
Dd 1 has been asking a lot more since dd 2 came on the scene last week. The first few days I didn't try to limit it because I wanted her to accept the new baby at the breast and feel like she was welcome too. The last few days, though, I'm trying to limit it to what it was before dd 2 arrived which was after waking up in the morning and after the nap (2x a day). It seems to be working pretty well, but that time is so hard for me. Because positioning is tough with a newborn on the other breast, I'm getting lots of teeth marks on my nipples from dd 1. I always have to encourage her to break off and she always asks for "just a little more." Then we count to ten for the second round. I'm hoping to stick with this routine and hopefully get somewhere. It's really hard mentally to nurse a GIGANTIC child (at least that's what she seems like to me). I've got really mixed feelings about it. I really want her to wean on her own, but at the same time, SHE'S HUGE!
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DD1 seems to want to nurse every time DD2 is nursing which is just way to much for me. I love nursing DD1 but I need a break. For some reason I can't get the hang of nursing two at once so I feel like Im nursing all the time. Ive started to tell DD1 she has to wait until DD2 is done which ends in a tantrum. For those who can nurse both at once what hold do you use? DD1 will nurse however she can get to it but DD2 has trouble latching on at times (we are still having problems with nipple confusion from the bottles at the hospital) so the only way I can really get her on properally is with the cradle hold.
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I am popping in from dec ddc but I have tandem nursed twice now and wanted to give some incouragement and advice.

For positions I have found that it is best to latch on the newborn in the positon that works best for them. For us it was the cradle hold. then allow the toddler to latch. Several ways that works is: while sitting in a chair have the toddler standing next to you and nursing, while laying down w/ the newborn the toddler can latch over top, if sitting on the couch the toddler can lay across the couch kindof like a football hold just w/ a big kid, or you can have them both in the cradle hold w/ the baby on the toddlers lap. That was always a favorite for my kiddos.

When I tandemed for the first time I nursed them both at the same time all the time and it worked ok for us. I finally started limiting ds1 when ds2 was about 5months old (I waited too long for us). When I tandemed the second time It didn't feel right (kind of gave me the chills) to nurse them both at the same time so I would alternate and tried to limit ds2. I found to avoid tantrums the best thing to do was to allow ds2 to nurse first to the count of 10 and then after the baby was done. That worked well for us.

When I started tandeming the first time ds1 was 22.5 months
When I started the second time ds2 was 32 months.
This time ds3 will be 24 months

Good job to everyone that is keeping up w/ this. It isn't always easy. Eat plenty and drink lots of water.
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OkiMom, we are doing the cradle hold for dd2 and then dd1 sits next to me and sort of comes at my breast head on. She sometimes rotates her head one way or the other and I think that's what's causing the teeth marks.
Thanks for the encouragement theboysmama
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Lets put it this way....DD1 is nursing so much she's got a SUCKING BLISTER!!!
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Originally Posted by natalieadw View Post
Lets put it this way....DD1 is nursing so much she's got a SUCKING BLISTER!!!
I hope you don't have the same, Mama!
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DD2 just got home from my parents and latched on right away. OMG the relief I have now is so amazing. I really needed my breasts emptied, and she managed to do that quickly. DD3 has been sleeping this whole time, so we have not had to deal with DD2 wanting to nurse at the same time. I have a feeling, though, that DD2 may not want to at the same time. She is pretty particular about the position she likes to nurse in, and that will be impossible with the baby. She is also at an age where I can get her to wait a bit for her turn if I need her to. kwim
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