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I have one child who wet until hormones kicked in at around age 9 or so. This child wet just about every night for years and rarely woke in the middle of the night. I saw no point in dragging my child out of bed to potty after I tried it a few times around 11 before I went to bed and my child then went potty but was still soaking wet by morning. Yes, it can be frustrating for you, but how much more so for your child who by now is probably aware that most kids her age don't wet the bed. No child enjoys waking up wet and cold and smelly and it is worse if they have siblings who happen to notice. I didn't make my child wear pull ups after a certain age, I used bed pads and easily washed bedding and washed every day. If we travelled anywhere and didn't want to risk embarrassment, I took a suggestion I read about having a child use the pads made for adult incontinence as they are less embarrassing for an older child than what looks like a diaper. I knew a woman who had many children and most of them were bedwetters so it made me thankful that I was only changing one bed each morning, not five or six.
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Originaly posted by someone else:
"I feel for your daughter. You say that you know that she doesn't do it on purpose....but then you also say that the pull ups just make her lazy. I really don't think your daughter is snickering while laying in her bed at night thinking to herself "Ohhh, tonight I'm going to wet the bed, just because I'm lazy".

Ok.. in response to this I understand completely how what I said came off... but I was just very frustrated at the moment I posted. I KNOW she is not doing it on puprose or because she is lazy. I just meant that at times if she has the pull up on and DOES wake up because she has to go, instead of just getting up and going to the bathroom she will lay there and wet because she has the pull up on and that's what it's for.

She has nights where she wont wet at all. As a matter of fact 4 nights consecutively this week she satyed dry, then Friday night and last night she wet.. so i dunno. But I dont make her feel shamed. In any event, which ones do you reccomend for her sge (6.5 years) Good Nights or Pullups or another brand??
Thank you.
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Originally Posted by NubiaEarth View Post
Thank you.. all very helpful. Does anyone know the name of the hormone so I can do a little on-line research? (Maybe their is a natural herb/remedy that helps stimulate this hormone??) I don't know.. maybe I'm reaching. But on the upside, I received a ton of coupons in the mail for Pull-up, so I guess I'll just buy some. Better to put out the money for pull-ups then to have to laundry 2 and 3 times a week.
cornsilk is supposed to help.
I have no idea where to get it. Dd wets the bed at 6yrs. yes it is tiring, I do expect ehr to wet until she is 12 for hereditary reasons. le sigh.
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A plug for bed wetting alarms:

My DS wet the bed every single night for over seven years. We had also tried almost every method to no avail. He wanted to go camping without worrying about wetting his sleeping bag, etc. I wanted to stop buying Goodnights. So I invested in a bed wetting alarm. It was not cheap, but worth every penny. He picked out the color he wanted. The first week he wore it attached to his underpants, but with a Goodnight on top so sheet changing wasn't necessary when it did go off. Also, I offered to sleep in his room in case the alarm freaked him out (it didn't - it just woke him up and he went to the bathroom, then changed his underpants and went back to bed by himself). Within two weeks, he was sleeping through the night accident free. It was one of the best investment I have made. If your DC is open to the idea, I definitely recommend trying one.

Here's the one we bought:
http://bedwettingstore.com/Bedwettin...ting_alarm.htm (the Malem Ultimate from the Bedwetting Store).

Good luck.
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wow if it wasnt so pricey this would be GREAT for me for meditation when i have limited time. wow!!!!
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Well, I bought some UnderJams.. hope they work!
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Have you looked into food intolerances? My daughter stopped wetting the bed within a week of eliminating gluten from our diet. Other folks in the Allergies forum have had that experience with different foods--I guess dairy is another biggie, but it's really different for everyone.
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It's worth a try... I'll try the gluten first and if that doesn't work, I'll try the dairy. My husband is a vegan so it wont be that hard.. we already have substitutes in place, soy milk as opposed to cows milk, Smart Balance instead of butter, etc... so "ll give it a shot.
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I've got to second the Malem alarm. I bought one used (they clean easily) for $50 on ebay at the end of October. I figure that was only a few months of Good Nights for us, which my 6.5yo was wetting through every night. He started using the alarm on November 1st, and within 2.5 weeks was waking up on his own to use the bathroom. He now doesn't even have to get up most nights and is able to hold it till morning. The alarm hasn't gone off in at least 2 weeks.

Before the alarm, he was an every night, multiple time bedwetter and extremely difficult to wake up. I wish I had bought this alarm a year ago and saved us all the wet clothes and sheets, discomfort, etc., but I'm just thankful that I got it now and not when he was older.
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Originally Posted by NubiaEarth View Post
It's worth a try... I'll try the gluten first and if that doesn't work, I'll try the dairy. My husband is a vegan so it wont be that hard.. we already have substitutes in place, soy milk as opposed to cows milk, Smart Balance instead of butter, etc... so "ll give it a shot.
It can be other allergens--gluten and dairy are so very common as problems, I think they are worth starting with--you could do both at the same time, and then if it's both, you've got it covered, and it minimizes the time that you're fiddling with the diet--it'd be a bummer to try one then the other when it's both--but just in case, consider other allergens (or maybe go to Allergies and see if you can limit it beyond the top 8 or any possible food--so many people with dairy issues have soy issues as well, though we do not).

That was a horrible, horrible sentence. I think the grammar gods are going to strike me down, or maybe just cut off my fingers.

Best of luck to you.
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Has anyone else used cloth as opposed to disposables? My almost 5 year old still wets at night - I have no problem with the wetting, but his disposables (Good Nights or similar generic brands) leak 1-2 per week, which gets pretty old with all the sheet washing. The other issue is that we're about to move to the Caribbean where I'm not even sure they have Good Nights type of thing and if they do it'll be VERY expensive. So, I'm thinking about something cloth I can wash. Not fun either, but probably cheaper. I saw one PP on a cloth pullup, but would love to hear if anyone else has suggestions. I saw one in "One Step Ahead," a "Dri Nights Bedwetter Pants" for $12.95, although it didn't have the greatest reviews. Any advice is appreciated!
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