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If you had to have just ONE sling/wrap/carrier for a newborn....? - Page 2

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I vote Moby Wrap. It really is easy to use and so super comfy with a newborn (especially in the winter time). I love my ring slings, too, but if I could only choose one in the beginning it would be the Moby.
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Another vote for the Kangaroo Korner adjustable fleece pouch. I was too intimidated by the Moby wrap, even though I could see that it was more versatile. What's nice is that I'm using the Kangaroo Korner again now that DD can be carried on my hip. It's been a wonderful investment. If your DH and you are near the same size it is likely that you will be able to wear the same pouch. If you get hot easily or for summer babies, they make a mesh pouch that my DH got because he's a hot-body.
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Originally Posted by rockportmidwife View Post
I'm a newbie and learning for when my baby is born in January. I bought some material to make myself a Moby style wrap. Something that I wanted to throw out though. My friend has something similar to a Hot Sling. She loves it, but whenever I wore it with her daughter I was in a lot of pain. She seemed to think that I would just need a larger size and that would fix the problem. (She is a lot smaller than me.) Does that sound right to any of you?
Definitely possible--pouches need to be correctly sized.

However, some people (me...) never really get on with one shoulder carries.

I would recommend a wrap of some type. A Moby is actually pretty easy to learn since you pretie and the stretch means you don't have to be precise.
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For a newborn -a Moby or other stretchy wrap, hands down. If I could have two I would also get a hotsling.
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Stretchy wrap!!!!!
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Hands down a ring sling here. I loved carrying DS all froggied up on my chest. It felt so cozy and right to have him right there against my heart, plus it was super easy to get him down out of it asleep without waking him up. I could nurse in it super easily, and it was super adjustable for when he got bigger and heavier. I also loved that I could get it so snug around him. I never felt like I could get my stretchy wrap tight enough to prevent sagging. Maybe I just didn't know how to use it, but it does seem like an expensive baby carrier to just use for a month or two if your baby gains a good amount of weight.

ETA: A ring sling really needs to not have the padded rails as mentioned above. Also a free tail rather than a sewn one is pretty important too. Both can interfere HUGELY with how adjustable they are. I started with a borrowed unpadded ring sling that was super, then I had a Nojo for a while that I HATED. I then found a Maya wrap ring sling at a consignment shop and I still use it with DS. It is the most fabulous sling. It makes a great changing pad/picnic blanket/extra warm blanket/etc in a pinch too.
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A pouch for sure. They're super simple to use, they're comfy, and they fold up small for quick trips out.
I'm such a spaz, I can never adjust the ring sling right and I get really annoyed trying to tie on a zillion yards of a wrap in the grocery store parking lot. But a sling for newborns and a mei tai for older babes is what works for me.
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