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Night time potty question

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Do children just one day "get" that they can get up and go potty in the middle of the night?

We let our children decide when they wanted to use the potty during the day. The oldest is 4 1/2 and still wears a diaper at night. So far it's not a big deal to us, she'll get it when she gets it. But she's started spending the night - at relatives houses - and I was just thinking, does a parent have to "teach" a child about going potty at night? Or do they grow into it?
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My son is just shy of 3 and isn't coherent enough at night to get up on his own. However, why not just talk to her about it.
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My dd (3yo) never gets up to potty at night-- she hardly ever even leaves her bed to come get me-- preferring to call me to her room instead. A couple months ago I noticed that her pull-up was staying dry and she said she wanted to wear panties to sleep- so we just went with it. If I can't convince her to go potty right away after waking up she'll have an accident, though (I've been awakened in the morning to the call of "Mommy, I'm peeing!"- this while she's still lying in bed) Does your dd actually pee in her sleep, or might she be going first thing as she wakes? I can see how maybe getting there before she's supposed to wake up and gently rousing her and leading her in might start things on the way if she's dry in the night- but I think the peeing in their sleep might be some sort of physiological thing that they just have to grow into and which probably varies a lot by kid (and could obviously be affected by fluid intake in the evening, etc.)
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She definitely pees all night long. She's in a fuzzi bunz with three inserts and is soaking wet in the morning. So I think it's an all night thing.

I have talked to her about going to the bathroom herself or coming to get me in the middle of the night if she needs to go potty. She says okay, but hasn't done it yet. A couple of times she's moved beds because she's soaked the first one. So she does kind of wake up sometimes.

I was thinking it was a psychological thing/growth thing too. But she's not making any incremental steps towards it, so it got me to thinking I wonder if it's an all of a sudden thing. Like one day they just start getting up. So I thought I'd ask here. Like I said, we don't really care, I'm just picturing her sleeping over at peoples house and her not wanting to be embarrassed. (But that makes it sound like she just sleeps over at anybodies house and that's not the case. It's just with Grandmas and they understand these things. Just musing out loud really.....) At this point she has no other frame of reference, so embarrassment concerns are pretty little, just picturing the future.
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My ds is a little over 3 1/2 and would be soaking wet at night if I did not wake him up to go the bathroom. He refuses to wear diapers or pull ups, even regular undies. Can't say that I blame him. He goes to bed at 7:30-8. I wake him around 10 or so before I go to bed. He always goes sometimes it takes a little while though. Then I wake him in the am around 6 when my dh's alarm goes off. He usually goes then. Both times he goes back to sleep easily. Have you tried waking her a few times? It's a PITA but so is changing the sheets every day!
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We took the night-time nappies off them when they were about 3 (they were day-trained at about 2 years old) and would make sure they went to the toilet before bed. With the older one we also had to take her to the toilet again before we went to bed (around 10pm or 11). That seemed to take care of it.

Not to say that there were never accidents. We kept the waterproof underlayer on the beds until they were about 5 - but maybe one accident every few months at most.
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