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I have a very strong feeling that this one is a girl. Maybe it is just wishful thinking. I already have two boys and the guest room (which would be the baby room) is already decorated very girly. However, who knows. I really want a girl, but if I end up with another boy, the world's not over. I will end up spending a lot less $ if I have another boy, since our house is TOTALLY boy, we have no girly stuff at all other than a play kitchen and some stuffed animals.
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I am feeling its a girl but I have two girls and really can't picture myself with a boy. I would be happy with either but we have such a girly house now, its hard for me to imagine a boy.

I sort of always felt I would have 3 girls. I had lots of girl feelings with DD1, especially near the end. And from before I got the bfp, I knew DD2 was a girl. So I am 2 for 2, but I feel less certain this time. Although, its really hard to remember. Maybe my earlier girl feelings have just become more certain since I found out they were right!
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i have always had this feeling that i'd have two girls, then two boys. i've even dreamed about it. so far, three out of four have followed that pattern. i will be very surprised, but equally as delighted, if this baby is a girl.
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I have thought long before I got pregnant that my next one would be a girl. I still think I'm going to have a girl. I'd be happy with a boy, but for some reason, I just think the baby will be a girl which I am also quite happy with

We will have to come back to this thread once we start having our babies to see which predictions came true!
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I'm having a boy feeling. I was hoping for a girl (not that I'll be happier either way when the LO is here, of course!), but for some reason I'm feeling boy. I can't wait to find out!
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I have never had a feeling with any of my pregnancies, but my DH is always right. He says I've got twin girls in here now, and my mother says 1 girl - - so we'll just have to wait and see
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Umm, I think I knew right away. When I conceived I was feeling like "I ovulated yesterday" so my first feeling was really 'boy'. Someone later pointed out to me that you can actually pass the boy window and go right back into girl. (Talkin Shettles) So now I am unsure but actually hoping for a boy (not more shopping, plus playmate for DS).
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When I was younger I had dreams of 3 children. A girl and 2 boys. But I feel like this is another girl.
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I am thinking I am having a girl
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I'm feeling boy, but that happened with dd1 too. I know my dh is really wishing for a boy with our house full of women, but we would be happy either way.
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I'm jealous that people have any feelings one way or the other! I never had the slightest clue and both of my kids were shy during their ultrasounds. The tech was pretty sure #1 was a girl (and she was) and had NO idea about #2. I'm really hoping to be able to find out this time! I enjoyed my surprises, but now I just want to be able to set up the larger bedroom (when we move) for whoever will have to end up sharing. Plus DD really wants another girl, so I want to prepare her if she's in for a disappointment.

DH is completely convinced I'm having 2 boys. He was able to predict DS and says he can tell this time because of how I (sorry if TMI!!!) smell. LMAO. Cause he says I smelled different when I was having a girl. The man is strange, what can I say. But every time he touches my belly and says hi to the "twins," I want to hit him! One more will be plenty, thank you very much!

I can't even guess using the day of ovulation, cause we really tried this month and DTD every other day surrounding it.
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I am thinking girl, simply because we only dtd on day 7 of my cycle and I'm sure I didn't ov for at least another 4 or 5 days or even more after that.

I'm not sure though...with my ds I KNEW he was a boy but had no strong feelings with my dd...so maybe that means it's another dd!
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I'm pretty sure its a boy, but everyone has told me that means its a girl. I dont care either way. We dtd the day of ovulation and the days after so I'm guessing the y sperm got there the quickest. DH doesnt want to find out, so it may be another 7+ months of waiting!
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Based on absolutely nothing, I'm feeling girl. My husband things girl too. We'll see!
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At first I had faint "girl" feelings, but they've gotten much stronger lately. I want a girl, so maybe that's what I'm feeling - but I'm definitely feeling a girl.
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