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Midwife Recommendations East Valley

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Hey everyone! First new here, super psyched I found this board. Second, I'm moving from Orlando to Mesa beginning of January. I'm going to be around 27 weeks and leaving my midwife and birthing cottage that I love behind. We have decided on a home birth.

My midwife currently is an ARNP as well, but I don't seem to see any in AZ that have the RN certification too. At this point not expecting any complications and me being healthy it isn't super important to me anyways. I am looking for a non-interventive midwife in the area. By non interventive, I mean NON interventive. I have been reading more and more about unassisted but really think the man isn't going to be comfortable without someone there to help if there is a problem.

I know you mommas know your stuff Any leads to a midwife I might click with? Thanks in advance.

OH and I don't know anyone in AZ! I'm leaving all my good girly friends behind so if there are any crafty meet ups etc. you ladies are into let me know !

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Are you looking to homebirth? My midwife is Mary Langlois and so far I really like her. I am due in about 5 weeks, so I can't tell you about a birth experience. Her office is in Central Phoenix, but she does home visits as well. And by the way, my dd was born in Orlando. Welcome to AZ!
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Thanks I have come across her website. Happy to hear you like her Home visits are too awesome. Love it.
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My midwife was Robin Sharples-Ray. I cannot say enough good things about her. PM me if you want more info. Congratulations!
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The midwives at Global Midwifery are so wonderful! Rave, rave rave.

My friend just had a baby with probably the only nurse midwife in the state - I don't recall the name but was shocked she found one (I originally considered a hosp birth and could not find one last year). However, it was interventions all the way. My friend's water broke and the MW ordered a pit drip over the phone. Hours before she saw my friend.... bah. Yay that there was no C-section.... but it was a typical hosp birth, only a "midwife" caught the baby and not a doc.

Good luck and congrats!!!

ETA - I guess there are plenty of CNMs, just none that were on my insurance plan last year. Yay for that, because I adored my homebirth!
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Here's the link to my midwives! http://sunrisemidwifery.com/judemeltoncmp.html

Jude and Mani were just the best. : Very hands off when I wanted them to be and when I needed them they were great at knowing when to step in and help. My only regret was that I didn't have them the entire pregnancy as I started with an ob. We had a wonderful homebirth and my whole family loves them! My daughter especially still asks if we can "go see the midwife". Everything was great and I highly recommend them.
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In case you haven't made up your mind yet, I also used the midwives at Global Midwifery and had a fabulous experience. I would use them again without qualms and have recommended them to others. Good luck!
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Hi! We moved from MD to Mesa in July. You'll have to PM me when you get here so we can get together.
My friend is apprenticing with Stephanie Soderblom and can't say enough wonderful things about her.
Good luck on your move!
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