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Yet Another "Who is Still Pregnant" Thread!

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Seems like there have been a lot of baby blessings arriving over the past few days, so how about another roll-call of who's left?

Me, obviously I am due on Tuesday, 3 more days....as of last Tuesday, mw said I was 3 cm dilated and very soft, but my cervix was still quite long and I was still carrying high. Over the past couple of days, I've been losing big pieces of the mucus plug, but they're not bloody yet - just, well, mucusy (LOL, sorry!) Having some contractions, but nothing really painful and nothing regular or timeable. Just getting really impatient!!!

Not sure if anyone saw my post about this, but I had a u/s for a fluid check the other day since the baby wasn't moving as much as usual, and the fluid was fine but they noted that the placenta was already showing calcifications. Anyone know if that's normal (I was only 39 weeks at that point)? I always thought that happens when you're overdue, not really before, but I could be wrong. Anyway, because of my thyroid issues, it looks like the longest my mw will let me push it is Friday or Saturday, so I keep telling myself I have, at most, just 1 more week to wait! I really DON'T want to be induced though, so I hope she comes on her own before then....

How about the rest of you - who is still around and how are you feeling??
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Well I dont really post in here often but Im still pregnant! Im due Thursday so I will probably be on time or a few days late but thats okay because Im waiting on my hb midwife to get here and for my husband to start his military leave!
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I'm here. 41 weeks. Never thought I would type that. After 4 weeks of prodromal, what remaining sanity I had is quickly slipping away. I thought for sure it would be today, as I woke up at 4:30 w/ cx 5 min apart that lasted until 9, then they have stalled out....again. I'm probably not the best person on earth to talk to at the moment!!
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I am still here too! Tomorrow is my due date but I have had a few very uncomfortable weeks as well. Really looking forward to my UC.
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Still here too. I am due on Friday the 28th. I have never gone this long with any of my last 3 pregnancies. (1st one water broke at 36.5 wks, next 2 I was induced at 39 weeks due to medical concerns and other issues). So I am now 39 wks 1 day. I too am loosing alot of mucous, I had a little spotting the other night, no real contractions though. Just hanging out waiting and reading all the wonderful birth stories on this ddc. I am hoping to go sometime this week, if I go any further, I will be in Dec, and dd said she doesnt want to share her birthday month with the baby. I am looking forward and getting anxious about my first homebirth.
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ME! Im still here. Due tomorrow and no sign of anything. I don't usually show any signs until 24 hrs or so before so we'll see...

I'm getting really excited and I feel ready!!!

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Still here, due in almost exactly one week. Actually, I am on my way out the door right now to go walk this baby out of me (hopefully). And do some shopping at the same time

I am feeling better than some it seems, but I know a lot of that is due to the fact that I officially finished all things work-related on Thursday, so Friday was spent just relaxing and letting it soak in that I was really done, and today I woke with nothing I HAD to do, which is a feeling I haven't had in a while. So I am feeling good because of that.

As of my last appt I was 1 wimpy cm but 50% effaced and "ripe" which I think means a soft cervix? Anyway, please cross your fingers for me that I go sometime this week, anytime this week, otherwise I have to be induced...
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me too.not due til the 30,so i should not be surprised-except i've had every symptom of impending labor for 3 weeks now....leaking,sealing, reg cx,mucus,etc...I guess she's just not ready yet....I AM!!!!!!!!!
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i'm still pregnant too. 40 weeks and 4 days. i've been 2 centimeters for about a month now, but my cervix is now totally soft and squishy and very, very short. hopefully that means action soon. i've been getting more contractions these past few days, but nothing that sticks and nothing that's really painful. some hurt a tiny bit but it's really nothing to write home about. i'm think of trying the cohoshes if i go past 41 weeks. my DP is really uncomfortable with me going to 42 weeks, i've been UP'ing since i was 28 weeks which he's fine with, just getting antsy now. this is our first baby, so jitters all around! i'm guessing i'll go to 41 weeks 3 days though, just because that would put me at exactly nine months past conception. we'll see!
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Still here! Past my official due date (19 or 20) but I'm hoping to hold out till Monday at least...
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I'm 39 +4, EDD on Thursday....

no plug, no show, strong BH and downward pressure, cervical twinges & stabs, a few practice cntx

so who the heck knows!

ELVs to everyone on this thread!!!!
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I'm still here, I'm due 11/29 and she is NOT coming until after that day. I bought the tickets to my high school reunion which is ON my due date and I AM going. She and I have already had a discussion and she's staying in.
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Not pregnant anymore ( I actually kind of miss it although I'm happy to be with my lo), but I wanted to respond about the calcifications. Dd2 arrived at 38 weeks 6 days and my placenta had some calcifications. I was kind of bummed about it, because I didn't know it could be an issue and am not sure how to prevent it. I wonder if that's why dd2 came early.

To all you still hanging in there: Easy labor vibes :
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still hanging in! due on thanksgiving. baby is in a great position and LOW. been having more frequent BH, some downward pressure with them, but other than that....my back is killing me. please ladies, take it from me, the mopping can wait. yes, i mopped my floor, AFTER i got back from the chiro where i had a great adjustment. apparently the baby really has eaten my brain....
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I'm still here....due Wednesday the 26th. MW doesn't do cervical exams and I'd prefer not to know. Still must be firm and closed up because no mucous plug to speak of here. (Although with DD I didn't lose it until labor had actually started) Feeling very ready, especially after my emotional outburst and : to : with DH last night.
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I'm still here. 40+3. Not feeling great though. I hope he comes soon! I'm 4 cm and 90% effaced as of last week. My cervix is "soft and stretchy" and anterior so we'll see what happens.
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Still waiting. I am 40 + 1 day. I was really hoping to go this weekend but...... baby has other ideas. My first was two weeks late so............

PATIENCE everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I already posted on this thread but I just had to say in writing that today is my due date and unless I go into serious labor RIGHT NOW and give birth in the next 4 hours...tomorrow I will be 40+1.
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I haven't been around much - life is busy - but I'm still here. Due date is the 29th and the first 2 were late, so I'm not expecting anything soon. Thankfully I am tooooo busy to be impatient. Hang in there everyone!
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