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Pregnancy Mask

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Anyone get this?

I woke up this morning with rather dark red splotche on my cheeks. I looked up pregnancy mask and most things seems to say that the coloration with that is brownish. Mine is definitely red. So it has to be:

1. pregnancy mask, or
2. chapped from the cold weather (unlikely), or
3. sudden rosecea (sp)... my mom has rosecea and says I will probably get it to... but I doubt it would develop overnight like this.

Ugh. I hope it goes away after the baby comes. Until then, I'll use some foundation to lighten it. Good grief.
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Did you eat any berries or anything highly acidic? My brother gets that sometimes when he eats strawberries or tomatoes....

My skin definitely gets a funky pigment to it in places, but I'm glaringly pale to begin with and so any freckles or age spots stand out already. I have no solution. I just use coverup.
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I'm not in your ddc, but I had a very noticeable pg mask with dd. I was 12 days late with her, although I'm not sure that has anything to do with it. I didn't have it with ds (who was also a bit late). I didn't even know how bad it was till I looked at my labour pics.
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It doesn't sound like you have pregnancy mask, more like some inflammation. Is your skin fair? Has the texture changed in that area, or is it itchy? I agree with Nighten, it could be related to something you ate or drank.

BTW - Is it still there? Looks like this post is from a week or so ago.

Chloasma/melasma (aka pregnancy mask) is brown-colored and it's due to the hormonal changes in our bodies. I have a few patches myself and my friends and DH all think they are cute. They don't really bother me and I'm sure they will go away after pg with topical Vitamin C and some exfoliation. So, if it does turn brown and is pg mask, don't fret.
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